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Businesses which collect and recycle glass based waste products, including fluorescent lamp ballasts.

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  • Eastern Environmental Tech - Specializes in PCB and non-PCB ballast recycling and waste management fluorescent waste management lamp recycling.
  • Balcan - Manufacturers of lamp crushers and on-site lamp crushing waste management service recycling for all types of waste lamps containing waste management mercury and recycling sodium.
  • Paisano Industries, LLP - Manufacturer of glass compactors for on-site and small scale glass waste management recycling.
  • Environmental Protection Services - Recycles fluorescent lamps into usable commodities.
  • Mercury Technologies of Minnesota, Inc - Recycles mercury from fluorescent tubes and other wastes.
  • Dlubak Glass Company - Processor and recycler of TV monitors, CRT tube recycling glass, computer recycling monitors, windshields and windows.
  • Strategic Materials, Inc. - Specializes in processing abrasives and powdered glass for glass products industrial and consumer markets.
  • Glassco Recycling - Services include recycling waste bottle collections from glass products hotels, glass products restaurants and clubs in Dublin, Ireland.

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