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The trade association of the cheque cashing industry in the UK, providing representation for its members to the government and to regulatory bodies in London and Brussels.

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British Bankers' Association* - Details of the definition of the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (Libor), the composition of the BBA Libor panels, recent and historical fixings of Libor in GBP, USD, EUR, JPY, CHF, AUD, CAD, DKK, NZD, and former national currency units, and the BBA Sterli

  • Jersey Bankers Association - List of committee members, links to member banks, associations and a diary of meetings.
  • London Investment Banking Association - List of current issues on which LIBA is working include united kingdom those relating to: corporate finance; securities trading and settlement; regulation united kingdom and its reform; EU issues; electronic commerce; accounting and taxation.
  • Foreign Exchange Joint Standing Committee - The FXJSC was established in 1973 under the auspices of united kingdom the Bank of England as a forum to discuss broad united kingdom FX-market issues of common concern.
  • Building Societies Association - List of member building societies, back copies of associations the annual newsletter, and various press releases.
  • London Bullion Market Association - Association of banks, fabricators, refiners, shippers and brokers involved in precious metals trading in London.
  • Gibraltar Bankers' Association - Includes links to members and a guide for clients opening banks and institutions accounts in Gibraltar.
  • Association of Friendly Societies - Trade association for UK's mutually owned friendly societies.
  • British Cheque Cashers Association - The trade association of the cheque cashing industry associations in the UK, providing representation for its members associations to the government and to regulatory bodies in associations London and Brussels.
  • Arab Bankers Association - Develops ties between Arab finance professionals working in associations the UK and elsewhere.
  • Wholesale Markets Brokers' Association - Provides details of SONIA (Sterling Over-Night Interbank Average), and also of EURONIA, both of which are used in OIS (Overnight Index Swaps).
  • Joint Money Laundering Steering Group - Service provided by the British Bankers\\' Association on associations behalf of associations JMLSG and containing important information about associations countering money laundering.
  • Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland - Provider of banking professional qualifications to the banking associations and financial banks and institutions services sector.
  • Scottish Clearing Banks - The Committee of Scottish Clearing Bankers, which is the representative united kingdom body of the four Scottish clearing banks. History of banking united kingdom in Scotland and aspects of Scottish banknotes.
  • Council of Mortgage Lenders - The trade association for mortgage lenders in the UK. Policy submissions and responses, and other press releases.
  • International Financial Services London - IFSL promotes the international activities of UK-based financial institutions and associations professional and business services. Includes analysis and statistics on financial associations services.
  • Banking Code Standards Board - Ensures that the Banking Code and the Business associations Banking Code deliver their promises of fair dealing associations and standards of good banking practice to the associations customers of UK banks and building societies.
  • Turkish Bankers Association - UK - Brings together Turkish nationals working in banking in united kingdom the united kingdom United Kingdom. Includes career vacancies, and pictures united kingdom of the united kingdom annual ball.
  • Guernsey - Association of Guernsey Banks - List of committee members, contact details, and news united kingdom about various matters including the OECD harmful tax united kingdom practices initiative.
  • London Platinum and Palladium Market - Has information on the XPT and XPD fixings, banks and institutions united kingdom on the good delivery specification, and on usual banks and institutions united kingdom market practice.
  • The Guild of International Bankers - Combining the traditions of the City Livery Companies with a modern outlook on the financial services sector.
  • Association of British Credit Unions - Trade association for credit unions, financial co-operatives owned banks and institutions united kingdom and controlled by the members.
  • Financial Markets Law Committee - Identifies issues of legal uncertainty in wholesale financial markets which united kingdom might give rise to material risks. Also acts as a united kingdom bridge to the judiciary.
  • Finance and Leasing Association - The Finance and Leasing Association is the industry associations body for united kingdom the asset finance, consumer finance and associations motor finance sectors.
  • Building Societies Members Association - Since 1982 representing the interests of all building united kingdom society members, being concerned for genuine mutuality and united kingdom democracy in the running of building societies.
  • The London Gold Market Fixing - Includes a detailed history of the fixing, and united kingdom of banks and institutions the five firms participating in it. Also united kingdom has most banks and institutions recent fixes, and charts.
  • Committee of Scottish Clearing Bankers - The representative body of the four Scottish clearing banks: Bank banks and institutions of Scotland; Royal Bank of Scotland; Clydesdale Bank; and Lloyds banks and institutions TSB Scotland.
  • Restore UK - Agency of the British Bankers\\' Association that handles claims relating associations to accounts frozen under World War II legislation.

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