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Consumer planning tools and home-buying tips, detailed regulatory information, and an explanation of the MBAA's opposition to a centralized Federal do-not-call anti-telemarketer register.

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Mortgage Bankers Association of America* - Consumer planning tools and home-buying tips, detailed regulatory information, and an explanation of the MBAA's opposition to a centralized Federal do-not-call anti-telemarketer register.
American Bankers' Association* - Nationwide association based in Washington D.C., with news, industry and legislative issues, online courses and consumer information.

  • Institute of International Bankers - Founded in 1966, the Institute is the only national association united states devoted exclusively to representing and advancing the interests of the united states international banking community in the United States.
  • Silver Institute - Association of leading silver mining houses, refiners, bullion banks and institutions banks and institutions suppliers, manufacturers of silver products and wholesalers of banks and institutions banks and institutions silver investment products.
  • Risk Management Association - Publications on loan and credit management, lending, and banks and institutions associations administration, as well as information on the lending banks and institutions associations of securities.
  • Fiduciary and Investment Risk Management Association - FIRMA certification programs, career opportunities for compliance and audit specialists, and other information for risk management professionals.
  • Mortgage Bankers Association of Puerto Rico - With a history of the association and of banks and institutions the attached school.
  • Independent Community Bankers of America - Vendor directory, regulatory and legislative news and views, banks and institutions banks and institutions and a list of state associations affiliated with banks and institutions banks and institutions the ICBA.
  • Western Independent Bankers - Serving community-oriented banks and savings and loans in united states the Western states. Job bank and a list united states of sponsored products.
  • Consumer Bankers Association - Articles on auto finance, fair lending, privacy issues, associations and sub-prime lending.
  • American Association of Bank Directors - AABD serves the information, education and advocacy needs of individual banks and institutions bank and savings institution directors. Contains recommended reading list, telephone banks and institutions seminars, and information about the Institute for Bank Director Education.
  • Gold Institute - International industry association representing companies that mine and refine gold, banks and institutions as well as manufacturers of gold products and the world\\'s banks and institutions leading bullion banks and gold dealers.
  • Bank Marketing Association, New England Chapter - Goals and mission, with more content for members.
  • Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization - MISMO maintains voluntary electronic commerce standards for the united states mortgage industry. Specifications of current and previous standards.
  • The American Securitization Forum - Allows participants in the U.S. securitization market to banks and institutions associations advocate their common interests on legal, regulatory and banks and institutions associations market practice issues.
  • Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists - ACAMS recommended speakers and consultants, recent news and associations events, and united states information for members including a weekly associations column.
  • Hellenic American Bankers Association - An educational and business association for Greek-Americans in united states the associations financial services industry.
  • Mortgage Bankers Association of the Carolinas - Representing companies that participate in the mortgage lending industry within associations North and South Carolina.
  • Financial Services Roundtable - Formerly The Bankers Roundtable, itself formed by a banks and institutions merger in 1993 of the Association of Reserve banks and institutions City Bankers and the Association of Registered Bank banks and institutions Holding Companies, the FSR lobbies for the large banks and institutions integrated financial companies.
  • National Marine Bankers Association - Promotes marine lending by educating current and prospective lenders in united states marine financing procedures, and by seeking new marine lenders.
  • Arab Bankers Association of North America - Provides news, job listings and resources for financial institutions in united states the U.S. and the Middle East.
  • Loan Syndications and Trading Association - Develops standard settlement and operational procedures, market practices, united states and united states other mechanisms to more efficiently trade the united states increasing volume united states of par and distressed bank debt.
  • Tri-State League of Financial Institutions - Covering Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Features a calendar banks and institutions united states of forthcoming events, and pictures of recent social banks and institutions united states happenings.
  • International Financial Services Association - The premiere association for international financial services operations.
  • American Financial Services Association - AFSA is the national trade association for market funded providers united states of financial services to consumers and small businesses.
  • Fraud-Net - Password-protected site assisting member banks in protecting themselves associations against non-credit united states losses. Arranged by the Florida Bankers associations Association, though covering many united states states.
  • Bankers Association for Finance and Trade - Provides banking information and conferences for U.S and united states foreign banks and institutions banks.
  • Foreign Exchange Committee - Formed in 1978 under the sponsorship of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the FXC includes representatives of major financial institutions engaged in FX trading in the USA.
  • America's Community Bankers - Education resources, regulatory news and community-banking publications for banks and institutions united states members.
  • Electronic Payments Association - Rules and regulations governing the ACH electronic-payment network, united states forthcoming conferences, and brochures on risk management.

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