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Note buyer, along with investors and principals, offers to purchase real estate notes throughout the USA and some non-US countries.

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  • Riverside Bank - Arkansas bank specializes in mortgage lending, and buys financial services private financial services seller-financed mortgage loans nationwide.
  • National Asset Exchange Group, Inc. - Buyers of real estate mortgage notes, structured settlements, and annuities.
  • R.G. Coulter & Associates - Buyers of real estate notes, contracts, and mortgages real estate notes nationwide.
  • Freedom Financial - Buys seller financed notes secured by residential, commercial cash flow and land only properties.
  • First Brevard Corp. - Purchases seller held mortgages nationwide.
  • - Sells prequalified mortgage leads.
  • Colonial Blue Financial Services - Purchases real estate, commercial, or business notes.
  • Star Note Buyers USA - National mortgage buyers of real estate notes, contracts, real estate notes financial services and deed of trusts.
  • Big Sky Financial Network - Buys real estate contracts, deeds of trust, contracts real estate notes for deeds and mortgage notes.
  • Empire Capital - Nationwide buyer of mortgages, deeds of trust and cash flow land contracts.
  • Note Buyer Direct Connect - Database for sellers to find buyers for mortgages financial services and cash flow other cash flows.
  • C & A Financial Programs, Inc. - A note buyer and licensed mortgage lender. cash flow Specializes real estate notes in real estate notes, but also buys cash flow structured settlements.
  • Northeastern Capital Resources, Inc. - Nationwide buyer of privately held carryback mortgages.
  • Automated Marketing Technologies - Offers a system that generates mortgage leads automatically.
  • Notable Mortgage Buyers, Inc. - Purchases privately held mortgages and notes.
  • National Notebuyers - Massachusetts firm purchases mortgages and trust deeds nationwide.
  • Hudson Mortgage Bankers - Purchases real estate notes and trust deeds.
  • Olympic Mortgage Exchange, Inc. - Buyers of real estate receivables and seller financing cash flow instruments cash flow throughout the USA. Also processes new cash flow loans in cash flow Oregon.
  • Cascade Funding, Inc. - Purchaser of mortgages, business notes and other cash financial services flow cash flow contracts.
  • RAM Funding Service Corporation - Buys seller-held mortgages, trust deeds, and land contracts throughout the USA. A licensed brokerage in Florida.
  • Digital Networking Enterprises - Note buyer, along with investors and principals, offers to purchase financial services real estate notes throughout the USA and some non-US countries.
  • PCF Investment Group, Inc. - Nationwide buyer of real estate related notes and mortgages.
  • Panther Investments, Inc. - Invests in many types of real estate notes, real estate notes cash flow structured settlements, seller carryback financing, and other future real estate notes cash flow incomes.
  • Investors Financial Corp - Purchaser of seller financed real estate notes.
  • Lead Originators - Provides mortgage leads to lenders and brokers.
  • Weststar Loan Servicing Corporation - Provider of seller financing, loan servicing, rental collection, financial services and loan servicing software. Also buys real financial services estate notes and loan portfolios.
  • American Capital Resources - Pays money for notes, mortgages, and other cash flows.
  • - Buyers of privately held real estate promissory notes, business notes, annuities, land contracts, structured settlements, lottery winnings, and other cash flows. Services USA and Canada.
  • The Boston Note Company - Purchases mortgage notes nationwide.
  • NoteWorld - Buys private mortgage notes. Articles and a forum cash flow for cash flow questions and discussion.
  • Genesis Financial, Inc. - A diversified financial services company which purchases seller-financed real estate mortgages, deeds of trust, and contracts. Also works with non-conforming commercial loans.
  • Reliant Financial, Inc. - Direct buyer of residential and commercial real estate real estate notes cash flow and cash flow notes. Located in Texas; real estate notes cash flow purchases notes nationwide.
  • TCA Funding - Buys residential and commercial real estate notes.
  • - Designed as a marketplace for buyers, sellers and investors in cash flow private mortgages.

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