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Wholly owned by New Zealand territorial and regional authorities. Most of these are also clients. Offers fire and general insurance and risk management services.

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  • California Transit Insurance Pool (CalTIP) - A joint powers insurance authority organized under California, insurance USA law in response to the lack of insurance liability insurance coverages from the commercial insurance market.
  • Texas Association of Public Schools (TAPS) - A property and liability insurance pool set up risk management under pools the Texas Interlocal Cooperation Act. Membership is risk management limited to pools public school districts, community colleges, and risk management education service centers.
  • Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust - Provides the Rhode Island, USA, public sector with risk management and insurance services. Site describes the Trust and its membership, and includes events and many articles.
  • Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP) - Provides medical insurance coverage for residents of Oregon, insurance USA, who are unable to obtain medical insurance insurance because of health conditions. Site describes the Pool insurance and its benefits.
  • Montana Municipal Insurance Authority (MMIA) - A municipal insurance pool consisting of the vast insurance majority of incorporated cities and towns in Montana, insurance USA. Site describes MMIA and its properties insurance and services, and includes FAQ and events.
  • California Fair Services Authority (CFSA) - Provider of pooled casualty and property insurance, risk management, loss insurance control and business services exclusively for fairs in California, USA.
  • Nonprofits' Insurance Alliance of California (NIAC) - Liability insurance pool for nonprofit organizations in California, USA. Includes coverages, news, and membership information.
  • Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management (MIRMA) - An incorporated association which establishes a protected group risk management self-insurance program for its members. Products and services risk management include property and casualty, liability, workmen\'s compensation, and risk management risk management services.
  • Civic Assurance - Wholly owned by New Zealand territorial and regional insurance authorities. Most of these are also clients. insurance Offers fire and general insurance and risk management insurance services.

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