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Listings of lending institutions offering loans for medical treatment or surgical procedures.

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  • Credit Medical - Provides patient financing for cosmetic surgery, dentistry, DNA loans testing, fertility financial services treatments and laser vision surgery.
  • Patient Source - Financing for cosmetic, dental, chiropractic and other elective financial services medical financial services procedures.
  • Health Ready - Finances cosmetic and plastic surgery, and other elective procedures.
  • Amerifee Patient Financing - Provides financing for cosmetic surgery, dental procedures, infertility and eye patient financing surgery.
  • Vitality Financial, Inc. - Partners with hospitals to reduce bad debt by patient financing providing patients with affordable payment options.
  • - Provides cosmetic, plastic and laser surgery financing.
  • Patient Finance - Provides financing for elective surgeries.
  • Enhance Patient Financing, Inc - Provides financing for cosmetic and elective treatments.
  • PFS Patient Financial - Provides financing for medical and surgical operations.
  • Medicredit, Inc - Provides financial services for all aspects of the financial services elective financial services medical services industry.
  • Cosmetic Fee Plan - Patient financing plans designed exclusively for cosmetic surgery.

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