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Provides a service to accept check payments over the Internet, by fax, or by phone and print the check for deposit.

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See Also:
  • Atlantic Payment - Offers merchant accounts and electronic check processing services.
  • First American Payment Processing - Enables echecks online for businesses through ACH processing.
  • - Offers a service to merchants to accept checks check processing online, check processing by phone and fax.
  • CheckMan - Software program which allows merchants to accept checks online, by check processing phone or fax.
  • Checks Only - Provides a service to accept check payments over check processing the financial services Internet, by fax, or by phone and check processing print the financial services check for deposit.
  • EZ-ACH - PC-based software for creating an ACH origination files financial services for check processing transmission to a bank or other processor. financial services Software check processing supports both debit and credit origination.
  • Web2B Payment Solutions - Provides electronic check processing and verification services including check processing ACH financial services conversion.
  • CheckVantage - Enables merchants to accept checks electronically.
  • Global Merchant Plus, Inc. - Provides ACH/EFT processing and check conversion.
  • Accept Payments online - Provides electronic check and credit card services.
  • Check by Fax, Inc. - Provides software to accept checks online or by check processing phone.
  • E-complish, LLC - Offers interactive voice response and ACH processing for check processing the check processing collections industry.
  • DraftAbility - Accept check payments over the phone, fax or merchant services Internet.
  • ChecksNet - Check, draft and e-commerce software. Read comments by merchant services customers, merchant services check out a demo, or order online.
  • Chek Plus - Offers electronic NSF check recovery, bank drafting and checks-by-phone services.
  • EnCircle - Provides check conversion, verification, guarantee, and collection services. financial services Based financial services in Miami, Florida.
  • Checkwriter - Provides check printing software and check paper.
  • CrossCheck, Inc. - Provides check guarantee, Internet check processing, electronic check financial services conversion, merchant services and collections services.
  • Alliance Payment Technologies - Provides ACH processing. Internet ACH capabilities include a check processing web financial services check for shopping carts, recurring billing, direct check processing deposit and financial services other submission types through a web check processing gateway interface.
  • Automated Financials Group - Offers electronic payment automation and processing services to merchants.
  • Prompt Pay Inc . - Offers check drafting outsourcing services to businesses.
  • PayByCheck - Provides Internet check processing, payment and verification systems. Services include submitting of checks electronically or by draft printing.
  • eCheck2000 - Provides electronic check processing and automatic debiting.
  • National Check Network - Provides software for check verification and collection, including check processing electronic check conversion.
  • Insta-Check - A check guarantee company that provides check authorization and collections services to merchants. Includes electronic check conversion services.
  • Ventanex - ACH electronic processing services, by phone, electronic conversion, financial services or merchant services accept checks online.
  • LML Payment Systems Inc. - End-to-end check processing solutions for retail merchants, including financial services check merchant services re-presentment, electronic check conversion and other funds financial services transfer services.
  • Checks by Fax Software - Check printing software that prints checks that you financial services receive merchant services by fax, phone or e-mail. Includes financial services a browser merchant services based version.
  • Clear Check - Provides check collection and management of consumer checks check processing and check processing bad debt write-offs.
  • NOVA Check Mates - Software program which allows you to accept checks check processing online, check processing by phone or fax.
  • Cash Flow Technologies - Provides ACH software for recurring payments, direct deposit and other merchant services electronic funds transfer services.
  • Verichek - Check verification via modem, plus bad check and financial services debt collection services. Located in Abilene, Texas.

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