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Specializes in electronic funds transfer services including direct deposit, electronic checks, merchant accounts, and stored value cards for businesses and government institutions.

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  • Netgiro - Provides digital payments and transaction services to the B2B and B2C business environments.
  • National ACH - Specializes in electronic funds transfer services including direct money transfers deposit, money transfers electronic checks, merchant accounts, and stored value money transfers cards for money transfers businesses and government institutions.
  • Xoom - Offers money transfer services worldwide.
  • Alaska Option - Offering automated teller machine (ATM) and point-of-sale (POS) other payment systems transaction switching and settlement services to financial institutions.
  • TravelersExpress MoneyGram - Large worldwide money transfer network with over 100,000 merchant services locations worldwide.
  • Cash 2 India - Provides money transfer services to India via debit money transfers account, other payment systems credit card, PayPal or bank account from money transfers anywhere on other payment systems the world.
  • iKobo - Offers money transfer services to anywhere in the world.
  • WebMoney Transfer - Internet payment system allowing instant secure payments worldwide.
  • FirePay - Online payment system similar to PayPal that allows money transfers you to pay anyone in the world through money transfers money transfers.
  • NETeller - Money transfer system that allows transfer between merchants and individuals.
  • RapidRemit - Online service that allows money transfers to India and Pakistan.
  • Western Union - Transfer network for sending and receiving money with other payment systems worldwide agent locations.
  • ACH Direct - A transaction processor of Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs).
  • - Provides money remittance and transfer services to the money transfers Philippines.
  • TransCard - Canada-based company offers remittance and prepaid travel and other payment systems other payment systems phone cards for Cuba and Central and South other payment systems other payment systems America. Describes services, fees, and government regulations.
  • Transaction Systems Architects - Designs and deploys a wide variety of money other payment systems merchant services transfer systems used by banks and telecommunication companies.
  • Duales Inc. - Offers money transfer services from debit, credit card money transfers or money transfers checking account as well as discount rates money transfers for dealers, money transfers corporations and agencies; internet bill payments; money transfers bulk transfers and money transfers payments; reminder service for payments.

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