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Focus: combines seasoned healthcare investors from three successful venture capital firms to create a critical mass of expertise and capital focused exclusively on healthcare.

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  • Versant Ventures - Focus: combines seasoned healthcare investors from three successful venture capital firms to create a critical mass of expertise and capital focused exclusively on healthcare.
  • Essex Woodlands Health Ventures - Investment focus: exclusively in the healthcare industry.
  • Forward Ventures - Investment focus: early-stage biotechnology and health care industry focus companies.
  • MedVenture Associates - Investment focus: early-stage financing of companies in medical industry focus devices, industry focus medical information technology, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry focus products.
  • HealthCare Capital Advisors - Focus: merchant bank committed to developing solutions to the complex strategic and financial issues facing companies that are changing the future of the healthcare industry.
  • Foundation Medical Partners - Focus: investments in medical devices, biotechnology, and other opportunities.
  • Aperture Venture Partners, LLC - Specializes in early stage healthcare services and healthcare IT companies.
  • Genesys Venture Inc. - Specializing in emerging health and biotechnology ventures.
  • Coleman Swenson Booth - Investment focus: all sectors of healthcare and the industry focus life sciences.
  • Acacia Venture Partners - Focus: investments in healthcare targeting Internet and other healthcare technology-driven business venture capital models.
  • Burrill & Company - Investment focus: life science companies in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, industry focus healthcare, healthcare related medical technologies, agricultural technologies, animal health, industry focus and nutraceuticals.
  • Spray Venture Partners - Investment focus: seed and start-up heathcare technology companies.
  • The Vertical Group - Investment focus: biotechnology, medical device and instrument industry.
  • CHL Medical Partners - Investment focus: seed and early-stage companies in the medical sector.
  • Radius Ventures - Focus: start-up and early stage financing primarily in venture capital the healthcare healthcare industry.
  • Windamere Venture Partners - Focus: financing and management of early-stage healthcare companies.
  • Clayton Associates - Focus: start-up capital and strategic planning to start-up industry focus healthcare companies in the Southeast.
  • NeuroVentures Fund - Investment focus: companies involved in the development and venture capital marketing of drugs, devices, therapeutics, diagnostics and other venture capital medical technologies for the neuroscience markets.
  • Capital Royalty - Focus: Private equity firm providing royalty-based financing to companies in healthcare the healthcare sector.
  • MPM Capital - Focus: BioVentures family of funds for investing in industry focus private industry focus healthcare companies in the US and Europe.
  • Life Sciences Partners - One of the first European private equity funds industry focus dedicated venture capital to providing knowledge-based funding exclusively to human industry focus life science venture capital companies.
  • Satellite Healthcare - Focus: offers a broad array of services that venture capital includes industry focus dialysis facilities, clinical laboratories, research venture capital initiatives, and industry focus venture capital for early-stage healthcare companies.
  • Capitol Health Partners - Focus: international health care venture fund investing in industry focus future market leaders.
  • Newport Capital Corporation - Investment focus: start-up and existing companies industry focus involving high technology, biotechnology and innovative products.
  • CW Group - Investment focus: seed and early-stage healthcare companies with high venture capital growth potential.
  • Ascension Health Ventures - Focus: faith-based investment group funding companies that offer healthcare-related products, healthcare services or technologies that represent potential service breakthroughs.
  • Biogress LLC - Specializing in biopharmaceuticals, bioinformatics and medical devices. Features works, offerings healthcare and online application form.
  • Cardinal Partners - Investment focus: early-stage, healthcare technology companies.
  • ProQuest Investments - Investment focus: seed to late-stage healthcare companies.

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