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Focuses on investments in best-of-breed Information and Communication Technology primarily in Europe and Israel. Includes company profiles and investor news.

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See Also:
  • Brainspark - Focuses on investments in best-of-breed Information and Communication Technology primarily venture capital in Europe and Israel. Includes company profiles and investor news.
  • Wayne Brown Institute - Provides knowledge, experience, contacts and access to capital technology to emerging venture capital high technology ventures. Includes details on technology creating a business plan venture capital and determining if the technology business is fundable.
  • Axalon Ventures - Investment focus: enabling technologies for wireless and broadband networks.
  • Simentra - Provides a route to international sales revenues for venture capital early stage and venture capital backed high growth venture capital technology companies.
  • Danfoss Corporate Ventures - Focus: mechanical and electronic components and intelligent mechatronic venture capital devices.
  • Trinity Venture Capital - Focus: Ireland-based early stage technology companies.
  • TallWood Venture Capital - Focus: semiconductors and semiconductor related technologies.
  • Stellar Ventures - Venture capital arm of Stellar Solutions, Inc. Includes list of venture capital services, current projects, and staff.
  • Najdorf - Investment focus: early-stage ventures in technology.
  • Venture Investment Management Company - Focus: software and services, Internet infrastructure, communications technologies and bioscience industry focus including news and portfolio company information.
  • Big Bang Ventures - Invests in promising seed-stage ICT companies. Based in industry focus Kortrijk venture capital and Gent. News and portfolio.
  • Discovery Capital - Investment focus: emerging software and communications ventures.
  • Global Strategic Investment Fund - Focus: technology investment company focusing on venture opportunities in Asia technology and North America.
  • Batterson Venture Partners - Investment focus: new or growing businesses in high technology at both early and later stages of development.
  • Panasonic Digital Concepts Center - Investment focus: early emerging to late-stage technology companies.
  • Global Internet Ventures - Investment focus: early-stage technology companies based in India, China and venture capital the US.
  • IN TRA CON - Investment focus: high-technology companies such as automotive industry, technology telecommunications, environmental technologies and medical and health.
  • MDT Advisers - Investment focus: early-stage information technology ventures.
  • St. Paul Venture Capital - Focus: communications technology, health care, software and services.
  • Access Venture Partners - Investment focus: seed and early stage venture mid-continent technology companies venture capital with hyper-growth potential.
  • AM Fund - Investment focus: early-stage, high technology companies.
  • Wingate Investment Management Ltd. - Provides venture capital and investment banking services for technology oriented technology companies in computers, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and telecommunications.
  • Agility Capital - Focus: short-term growth capital to technology companies.
  • TIF Ventures - Focus: management of a portfolio of high-tech VC venture capital funds.
  • First Floor Capital - Focus: strategic guidance and early-capital for start-up and venture capital early-stage industry focus software ventures.
  • Satwik Ventures - Focus: invests in high technology start-up companies.
  • Little Bear Investments - Focus: investing in both public and private companies venture capital including industry focus tender offers, private placements, PIPE\\'s, reverse mergers venture capital and bankruptcy industry focus auctions.
  • Silver Lake - Focus: private equity buy-out and recapitalization investments in technology businesses.
  • S2 - Focus: developing and accelerating companies that commercialize emerging technology technologies across venture capital a wide spectrum of industries.
  • Nexit Ventures - Focus: computing, the Internet, and wireless communications.
  • RW Wentworth - Focus: assists clients worldwide with mergers and acquisitions, industry focus management venture capital buy-outs, restructuring and growth strategies.
  • Lux Capital Group - Manhattan-based firm focused on identifying and building early-stage technology businesses.
  • No 8 Ventures - Focus: early stage New Zealand technology companies.
  • Thomvest Venture Capital - Investment focus: technology-based companies at all stages of company growth, from early to later stage companies.
  • Integrated Investments International - Focus: investment match-making, bringing together rapid growth, next venture capital generation venture capital sustainable technology, non-traditional venture capital and proven venture capital business talent.
  • Schneider Electric Ventures - Investment focus: start-ups and emerging growth companies in the United technology States and Europe involving innovative technologies.
  • 1st Venture - Focus: strategically positions start-up technology companies for, mergers, acquisitions and industry focus financing. 
  • VantagePoint Venture Partners - Focus: networking, communications, semiconductor and Internet infrastructure.
  • The Cross Atlantic Network - Focus: linking its technology portfolio companies with the I.T. and industry focus capital markets on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Spinnaker Capital - Focus: provide owner-managed technology-oriented growth firms with access to development technology capital.
  • Gores Technology Group - Focus: buy-out firm focused on acquiring and managing technology businesses.
  • Carlton Corporate Finance - Focus: provide financial, restructuring and strategic advice with access into technology the key European and North American markets.
  • Walden International - Focus: provides venture capital, industry knowledge and global technology expertise to early-stage technology companies.
  • Polaris Venture Partners - Investment focus: early-stage companies developing information and medical venture capital technology
  • i-Hatch - Provides experienced capital to early-stage technology ventures, primarily in the mobile and broadband sectors.
  • Rahn Group - Focus: information technology, telecommunications and healthcare.
  • Technology Ventures Corporation - Focus: identifies technologies with commercial potential and seeks sources of risk investment capital for the business.
  • Apex Investment Partners - Investment focus: early-stage technology companies in software, enterprise, technology network infrastructure and telecommunications.
  • Brightspark - Canadian firm that identifies, evaluates and manages early-stage software investment technology opportunities. Includes portfolio company profiles.

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