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Manufacturer and supplier of carmine and cochineal extracts for the food and beverage industry. Offers acid stable red, violet and orange colors.

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  • International Foodcraft Corporation - Manufacturer of ingredients and processing aids for the additives food, confectionery and cosmetic industries including color concentrates, additives anti-stick lubricants, and pre-dispersed color.
  • CakeArt - Dutch manufacturer of consumable ink. Company profile, products, additives news and distribution details.
  • Ajanta Food Colours - Manufacturer of FD&C colours for the food industry.
  • Private Label Products, Inc. - Manufactures and distributes the FooDoodler, an edible food coloring marker.
  • Steinmetz Overseas - India based food color manufacturer. Offers FD&C and lake colors.
  • Enorbis - Bulk supplier of natural colors, herbal extracts, aloe food colors extracts, food colors phyto-chemicals, and oleoresins, based in India.
  • Prime Ingredients - Manufacturers of natural and synthetic colors and flavors.
  • Colores Naturales de Chile - Manufacturer and supplier of carmine and cochineal extracts food colors for the food and beverage industry. Offers acid food colors stable red, violet and orange colors.
  • Tianjin Huida Hetai Biotechnology CO. LTD, - Manufactures and supplies all natural and synthetic food food colors colors. additives Japan.
  • D.D. Williamson - Producer of caramel coloring for food applications.
  • GNT International - Manufacturer of natural food colors and phytochemicals. Product and contact food colors information.
  • Shanghai Dyestuffs Research Institute Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of food colors and lakes. China.
  • Dynemic Products Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of food, lake, and blended food and related products colors, as well as food dyes and intermediates. food and related products Headquarters in Gujarat, India.
  • Food Ingredient Solutions - Produces natural and synthetic colors for foods and cosmetics at competitive prices. Company profile, product and contact details.
  • Sensient Color Group - Manufacturer on a global scale of the complete range of food colors natural and synthetic colours for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic food colors industries.
  • Narmada Food Colors - Manufacturer of blended edible food colors.

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