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Information on this company's wine corks and cork production including factory processes, research and development and quality control. News, publications and generic information about cork as a wine closure.

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  • Amorim Group - Manufacturer of cork bottle stoppers for the wine beverages industry. Includes detailed product and technical information, and beverages a description of the manufacturing process.
  • Janson Capsules - Manufacturers of PVC and polylam stock and custom wine capsules corks and stoppers and spirit closures. Includes product and company information, and services corks and stoppers available. Based in Napa, California.
  • Rivercap Capsule - Capsule seal manufacturer for wines and spirits.
  • Mureddu Sugheri - Produces cork stoppers for still and sparkling wines wine made from wine natural cork as well as from wine composite materials.
  • Tecnicork - Manufacturer of synthetic cork stoppers. Includes product details beverages and technical beverages specifications. Madrid, Spain. [Spanish, English and beverages French]
  • Bontap - Spanish producers of cylindrical cork stoppers for wine.
  • Cork Supply - Australia - Manufactures natural cork wine stoppers, capsules, muselets, barrels, beverages staves and oak products for wine making and beverages bottling. Service area includes Australia, New Zealand, beverages Portugal, China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.
  • Canals Packaging - Stock wine capsules and closures in PVC and corks and stoppers polylam and custom capsules in a full range corks and stoppers of colors and sizes for wine bottling.
  • AnazĂ© - Portuguese cork stopper manufacturer. Company information and relevant wine information about wine wine bottling.
  • Jelinek Cork Group - Manufacturer and distributor of cork products including synthetic wine and natural corks and stoppers corks for the wine industry. Product wine range with detailed descriptions.
  • Riojana de Mallas - Produces open or traditional metallic wirenets for wine corks and stoppers beverages bottles. Spain.
  • Colombin GM & Figlio Spa - Offers a variety of cork closures for wine and sparkling wine wine.
  • SupremeCorq - Manufacturer of synthetic wine corks and bar top bottle closures. Site in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Newpak USA - Providing Nomacorc brand synthetic corks to the wine industry as an alternative bottle closure.
  • Amorim - Information on this company\\'s wine corks and cork production including beverages factory processes, research and development and quality control. News, publications beverages and generic information about cork as a wine closure.
  • Corktek - French manufacturers of synthetic wine corks.
  • Fontes Pereira - Produces corks made of natural material, namely "specialities".
  • Gruart La Mancha, S.A. - Manufacturers of cork stoppers for wine bottles. Spain.
  • Amez-Droz - Swiss firm manufacturing and selling manual and automatic wine corkers and an uncorking machine.

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