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Produces pancetta and coppa from whole pieces and smaller portions in a protective atmosphere. Company profile, product details, recipes, and contact details.

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  • Benet Ribas, S.A. - Offers a wide range of smoked hams, cooked meat and seafood pork pork products, and sausage. Company profile, and product meat and seafood pork and contact information.
  • Spartanburg Meat Processors - Producers of fully cooked, ready to eat pork pork products. Offering food and related products retail and foodservice items from baby pork back ribs to boneless food and related products pork items. Private label pork is also available.
  • Triland Foods - Supplier of pork rind and crackling pellets. Sergeant meat and seafood food and related products Bluff, Iowa.
  • Jones Dairy Farm - Produces sausage, bacon, and ham products. Company history, product offerings, and contact links.
  • Smithfield Foods, Inc. - Hog production and pork processors.
  • Embotits Caula, S.L. - Producers of uncooked and cured pork products including sausages, salamis, and hams. Spain.
  • Rose Packing Company, Inc. - Family business specializing in fresh, smoked and processed food and related pork products pork products for the retail and food service food and pork related products industries.
  • Jamon Cerezo - Offers white and Iberian pork. Includes product photos and specifications food and related products and a contact form. Located in Barcelona, Spain. [English, German, food and related products Spanish and Portuguese]
  • Dilop - Portuguese producer of pork meat and delicatessen products.
  • 18th Annual World Pork Expo - Feature over 1,000 swine industry exhibits, numerous educational seminars, Environmental pork Center and Job Fair/Career Center. Includes information about exhibitors, events, pork housing and ticket sales. Held in Des Moines.
  • Polk's Meat - Produce sausage and ham for retail and food food and related pork products service.
  • Farmington Foods - Offers retail and foodservice products from baby back food and related meat and seafood products ribs to fine boneless pork items. Private label food and meat and seafood related products is also available.
  • Ganda Ham - Belgian producer of ham. Company profile, product details, meat and seafood and recipes.
  • Bailey Foods, LLC - Packing plant that specializes in roaster or barbeque food and related products pigs of all sizes. Offers recipes for meat food and related products preparation and sauces.
  • Grant Park Packing Co. Inc. - Offers fresh pork products and butchering services. Company meat and seafood profile and history, products offered, and contact details.
  • Trim-Rite Food Corporation - Custom pork boning specialist. Products, directions, contact information.
  • Du Breton - Family farmed producer of a variety of pork pork products raised without the use of antibiotics, growth pork promotants, coloring aids or preservatives. Includes a recipe pork section. Canada. [English, French]
  • National Country Ham Association - Features membership information, meetings, services, and places to food and related products buy country ham.
  • Otway Pork - Producer of free range pork raised without added growth hormones. Australia.
  • Logan Farms - Producers of hickory smoked, spiral sliced, and honey glazed hams. Company profile, detailed product information, and contact links.
  • Carolina Pride Hams - Pork products include hams, bacon, luncheon meats, hot pork dogs, sausages, pork boneless pork for retail and commercial pork customers.
  • Salmon Creek Farms - Producer of natural pork. Offers a complete range of products food and related products such as sausage, roast and ribs. USA.
  • JB Viande - French supplier of piglet products. Provides information on cuts offered.
  • Goodnight Brothers - Boone, North Carolina. Traditional country ham for retail and wholesale food and related products including whole hams, ham slices, boneless centers, and pork fatbacks. food and related products Includes product information, retailers, and online shopping for a few food and related products products.
  • Furlotti and C. Srl - Produces pancetta and coppa from whole pieces and smaller portions food and related products in a protective atmosphere. Company profile, product details, recipes, and food and related products contact details.
  • Detry S.A. - Belgium producer of pork products.
  • Eckert Ferkel - European pork trader. Germany. [English, Deutsch]
  • Mitchell's Gourmet Foods - Canadian value-added pork processor. Includes gourmet foods, delicious meat and seafood recipes, specialty meats, games and contests.
  • Companhia Nacional de Carnes, Lda. - Offers Portuguese smoked pork products, available fresh or meat and seafood frozen.
  • Real Ribs - Suppliers of pork spare rib products to the food and related meat and seafood products UK and Europe. Company profile and product details.

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