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Frozen wholesale seafood importer and distributor located in Boston, carrying items such as shrimp, lobster, fillets, crab, dressed and whole fish, steaks, and processed portions for shipment nationwide.

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See Also:
  • F. Uhrenholt Holding A/S - Producers of IQF salmon, shell fish, white fish and surimi.
  • Seafood from Chile - Processors of frozen seafood from south of Chile. Product and contact details.
  • Independence Fish Company - Importers of frozen fish and seafood including orange roughy, green seafood shell mussels, toothfish, scampi, dover sole, flounder, sole, whiting, seatrout, seafood croakers, kingclip and octopus.
  • Neptune Trading Group - Frozen seafood for wholesale distributors.
  • Crocker and Winsor Sfds., Inc. - Frozen wholesale seafood importer and distributor located in frozen Boston, carrying items such as shrimp, lobster, fillets, frozen crab, dressed and whole fish, steaks, and processed frozen portions for shipment nationwide.
  • C.M. Roach & Co. Ltd - Offers shellfish production including prawns, mussels, cockles, whelk frozen meat, crab meat, dressed crabs, scallops and scampi, frozen all packed under the ‘Seasider’ brand. Includes a frozen list of products. UK.
  • Northice - Manufacturers of NorthTaste, a natural frozen paste made seafood from seafood used to impart vivid seafood flavor.
  • High Liner Foods - A Nova Scotia processor and marketer of frozen seafoods and pasta.
  • Taimen Foods Corporation - A Taiwan manufacturer and trader of frozen seafood.
  • High Liner Scallops - Offers frozen-at-sea North Atlantic scallops. Site is in English, frozen French, and Chinese.
  • J.P. Klausen and Co. A/S - Danish distributor delivering frozen fish and seafood direct frozen from factory or trawler to industry, wholesale and frozen retail. Site is in English, German, and French.
  • Aramar - Specialists in processed, frozen seafood products. The company is located in Spain.
  • Quality Products (H.K.) Limited - Specializes in importing a variety of frozen seafood. meat and seafood meat and seafood Company profile and product details.
  • Gorton's of Gloucester - Produces frozen fish and seafood products. Product meat and seafood information, recipes, coupons and email specials.
  • Expack Seafood Inc. - A New Jersey and Washington seafood importers and meat and seafood frozen distributors of frozen shrimp, lobster, crab, calamari, mussels meat and seafood frozen and fish.
  • Toppits Foods Ltd. - South African supplier of frozen seafood.
  • Seabo International Limited - A Hong Kong importer and distributor of frozen seafood including meat and seafood fish, shrimp, crab, cephalopods (molluscs) and shell. They also provides meat and seafood suckling pig, snake and frog legs.
  • Sea Port Products Corp. - Frozen seafood importer. Global supply from throughout the Pacific Rim frozen and beyond: shrimp, lobster, crab, scallops, and fin fish.
  • Siam Canadian Foods Co., Ltd - Exports frozen shrimp and seafood worldwide, specialties include meat and seafood frozen freshwater, black tiger. Operates from Thailand, China, Vietnam meat and seafood frozen and Myanmar.
  • Frinova S.A. - Producers of frozen breaded and precooked battered fish.
  • Northern Pelagic Group, LLC - Producer of frozen Atlantic herring and mackerel in the USA. frozen Product and contact details.
  • Kai Aik Marine Products Trading - Producers of frozen marine products such as ribbonfish, meat and seafood seafood cuttlefish, squids, and mackerel.
  • Rainbow Seafoods - An importer of frozen seafood from the Faroe frozen Islands, offering Faroe and Alda brands. Also represents frozen farmed atlantic salmon in Maine and New Brunswick.
  • Renna srl - Food processor of frozen seafood and vegetables products.
  • Marius Roentved A/S, Marius Røntved A/S - Suppliers of frozen scampi, greenland halibut fillets and meat and seafood meat and seafood other frozen flatfish fillets.
  • Euromar - António Ferreira & Ferreira, Lda - A Portugal company specializes in importing, exporting and distributing frozen seafood.

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