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Jumbo snacks by Klein Bros., Ltd. offers jumbo sized sunflower seeds, arroyo seco nuts, walnuts, almonds, raisins,and baking goods.

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  • Blue Diamond Growers - Provider of California almonds to the USA and produce world.
  • M.I. Group Ltd. - Packers, shippers and traders of tree and ground food and related food and related products products nuts for the domestic and export market.
  • Delta Pecans - Offers wholesale shelled pecans direct from the grower.
  • Prometeu-T S.A. - Moldavian wholesaler of walnut kernels.
  • Josefy Orchard - Orchard offering direct wholesale sales of pecans. Company nuts profile and produce product details.
  • Diamond of California - Farmer owned producers of culinary and in-the-shell nuts. nuts Company profile, product information, recipe offering, and nuts contact details.
  • Nestibo Agra - Nestibo Agra Inc. markets Sunflower seeds, both domestically and internationally.
  • Crain Ranch Walnuts - Growers and packers of in-shell walnuts grown in prime California walnut region.
  • The Gourmet Nut Company - The Gourmet Nut Company produce honey coated nuts, available in bulk, whole, crushed, diced.
  • The Nutman Company - Wholesaler and packager of over 150 kinds of produce packaged nuts nuts and snacks.
  • Sunrise Commodities - Importer of nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. Markets to bulk food and related products users nationwide.
  • Il Noceto - Producers and suppliers of walnuts. Chiarano, Italy.
  • Cache Creek Foods, Inc. - Northern California manufacturer of fine nut products.
  • Grand Plan Enterprise Ltd - Processor of a wide array of nut meats.
  • Sandral, S.A. - Spanish producer, exporter and distributor of nuts and nuts dried fruits.
  • Sunnyvale Pecan Orchard - Texas grown papershell pecans. Producers of fine premium produce pecan nuts produce out of Dallas County. Offers produce retail and bulk products.
  • Sirjan Zomorrod Pistachio - Iranian supplier of pistachios. Company profile, and product nuts and contact details.
  • Kerala Nut Food Co - The kerala nut food company is a south nuts Indian cashew food and related products nut exporter of cashew nuts and nuts raw cashews.
  • Pistachio a.s. - Producer of dry nuts specializing in pistachios. Company profile and food and related products details on range of retail and bulk products. Recipes.
  • Paramount Farms Inc. - Large vertically integrated supplier of pistachios and almonds.
  • A.P.C West - Importer and distributor of almonds, walnuts and other nuts.
  • John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. - Processors, manufacturers and distributors dedicated primarily to edible produce nut meats of all kinds. Fisher, Evons, Sunshine produce Country, Flavor Tree and Texas pride brands.
  • - Information provided on walnuts; history, growing, pests, production, varieties and nuts recipes.
  • Koohbanan Pistachio Export Company - Producers and distributors of pistachios from Iran.
  • Sirjan Adel - Grower of Iranian pistachios based in Sirjan. Company profile, and produce product and contact details.
  • Terri Lynn Inc. - Manufacturer of edible nuts for fund raising, baking goods, dairy products, and confectioners.
  • Tropical Nut and Fruit - Southeastern USA manufacturers and distributors of honey roast products, snack mixes, nuts, candies and dried fruits.
  • - Northern California farm offering both fresh and cured chestnuts each produce fall.
  • Brookfarm - Makers of many Australian gourmet macadamia products
  • The Pecan Zone - Specializes in pecans and pralines.
  • Monarch Commodity Exports - Supplier of nuts and dried fruit. Located produce in Great produce Neck, New York.
  • Oskar Greek Dried Fruits - Processing and trade of dried fruits and nuts produce of all varieties.
  • Klein Bros. Ltd. - Jumbo snacks by Klein Bros., Ltd. offers jumbo sized sunflower produce seeds, arroyo seco nuts, walnuts, almonds, raisins,and baking goods.
  • Australian Pistachios - Growers and packers of Australian grown pistachios.
  • Beta Group - Indian producer of cashew meats.
  • Euro-Fruit - Processes, packages, and sells walnuts and walnut oil. France.
  • Voicevale - Suppliers and distributors of nuts and dried fruits.
  • Attilio Noceti di Emilio Noceti & C. s.n.c. - Italian producer of dried and fresh chestnuts, chestnut food and related products flour, walnuts and pinenut kernels.
  • Crain Walnut Shelling, Inc. - Growers, packers, exporters and custom processing of California nuts walnuts.
  • Nambucca Macnuts - Offers Australian macadamia nuts supplied to the snack food,consumer, and nuts bulk ingredient markets.
  • Nunes Farms - Almond ranch also sells pistachios and chocolates wholesale.
  • Behsa International Trading Co. - Iranian producer of pistachios. Company profile and produce product details.
  • Goldsun (Qingdao F.T.Z.) Co Ltd - Processor and supplier of peanuts from China.
  • Woodland Nut - Providing nut oils and meals for health, beauty food and related produce products and nutrition.
  • Zhiheng International Trade Co, LTD. - Suppliers of peanuts and its processed products.
  • Purity Organics, Inc. - Family farmers and distributors of 100 percent certified food and related nuts products organic almonds and nuts from Central California. Includes food and nuts related products ideas for using almonds in healthy lifestyle planning. food nuts and related products Wholesale and direct purchases welcome.

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