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Sells and markets certified organic produce nationwide for small to mid-sized farms located on California's central coast. Product listing and contact details.

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  • Asia Pacific Farm - Canadian organic grower of specialty mushrooms. Company profile, food and related produce products product details, recipes, and contact information.
  • Geima - Offers lemons, oranges, clementines and mandarins from Messina, produce Italy. Includes a calendar of harvest periods for produce each variety.
  • Cuyen - Offers organic fruit specialities from Patagonia. Product details.
  • Australian Certified Organic - Accredits and certifies organic produce and supports and produce encourages sustainable produce farming systems. Includes office hours and produce contacts, forms, and links produce to events, resources and produce publications.
  • Long Wind Farm (VT) - Growers of organic tomatoes.
  • Grant Family Farms - Colorado family farm growing squash, greens, and other produce.
  • Organic Consumers Association - Promotes organic food, labeling of genetically engineered food, organic labeling of food and related products irradiated food. Supporters of organic farming, organic permaculture, biodynamic farming and food and related products other sustainable agricultural practices. organic Information provided on Mad Cow disease, food and related products GMO and organic GE
  • Natural Selection Foods - Contains information about organic farming, environmental and health issues, and produce recipes. Large North American grower of organic produce.
  • Vitacress Salads Ltd - Grower and packer of organically grown baby leaf organic salads, watercress, and specialty vegetables. Supplies retailers and organic the food industry in Western Europe. UK.
  • Sepallo Food Ingredients - Produces certified organic whole fruit and vegetable powders.
  • Barambah Organics - Production and delivery of fresh produce. Company, product, and vendor food and related products information, list of retailers, press releases, and contacts. Queensland, Australia.
  • Grimmway Farms - Producers of potatoes, onions, and carrots under the Bunny-Luv brand. organic Certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers association.
  • Veritable Vegetable - Provides company information and history, mission statement, and food and related produce products job opportunities. Based in San Francisco, California.
  • CF Fresh - Supplier of organic produce including fruits, vegetables, juices, food and related food and related products products and commodities. Company profile, produce calendar, related food and food and related products related products links, and employment opportunities.
  • Willow Wind Organic Farms and Vegetables - An organic farming company with family farms in organic Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Canada, which grows and organic distributes organic vegetables.
  • Ion Exchange Enviro Farms Ltd. - Produces and markets internationally certified organic produce. Based in Mumbai.
  • Sagest - Italian manufacturer of organic tomato products. Company profile, organic product listing, and contact information.
  • Earthbound Farm - Producers of organic salads, fruits, and vegetables. Company history, product organic details, organic food benefits, and contact information.
  • LocalHarvest - Maintains a public nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets, food and related products and other local food sources in the US. Search facilities food and related products provide sources of sustainably grown food, and allows direct contact food and related products with family farms.
  • A&A Organic Marketing, Inc. - Sells and markets certified organic produce nationwide for small to mid-sized farms located on California\\'s central coast. Product listing and contact details.
  • Jonathan's Organic - Distributor/importer of organic produce in New England. History, organic product line, food and related products recipes.
  • Crofters Food Ltd. - Producers of organic fruits for the United States and Canada.
  • Jerzy Boyz Fruit - Small family apple and pear orchard in Chelan, produce Washington. Site food and related products has descriptions of varieties grown.
  • Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms - Processes and packages fresh, dried, and frozen organic food and related organic products mushrooms. West Grove, Pennsylvania.
  • Columbia Gorge Organic Fruit Co. - Producers of certified organic canned fruit and fruit juices. Company produce profile, product information, and contact links.
  • Figtree Retreat - Growers and producers of organic table olives, tapenades, and preserves.
  • Mornin' Glory - Certified organic prunes, available whole, pitted, or juice, from northern food and related products California.
  • Sno Pac Foods Inc. - Produces and distributes organically grown and processed frozen vegetables. Caledonia, Minnesota.

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