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Suppliers of potatoes to wholesale, retail and catering trade. Information about varieties, delivery areas and how to order free samples. Bourton-on-Dunsmore, England.

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  • Bart's Fresh Produce - Belgium based potato producer. Company profile, product produce information, and contact form.
  • Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission - Includes recipes, nutritional information, shippers and canners in Louisiana.
  • Ryan Potato Company - Grower, packer, and shipper. History [PDF format], produce shipping information, produce staff listing, facts, related links, and produce feedback form.
  • Gerrit Visser and Sons - Seed and table potato exporters located in Prince Edward Island, vegetables Canada.
  • Potandon Produce L.L.C. - Offers red skinned gold flesh potatoes. Company profile and product potatoes details. Recipes.
  • NorSun Food Group, LLC - Offers roasted, baked and water-blanched potato products.
  • Skagit Valley's Best Produce - Potato grower, packer and shipper from Washington state, produce US. Offers produce red, white, yellow, and purple potato produce varieties. Potato recipes.
  • SunFresh of Florida Marketing Cooperative, Inc. - Growers and distributors of branded potatoes with lower carbs and produce calories than Russet and other common varieties. Company profile and produce product details.
  • Carroll's Heritage Potatoes - Specialist suppliers of fresh gourmet heritage potatoes from vegetables Tiptoe Farm, vegetables Northumberland, UK.
  • Masser Potato Farms - Supplier for retail outlets and restaurants. Provides product information and recipes.
  • Martens Farms - Finger Lakes of New York potato grower, packer produce and processor vegetables for over 70 years. Product and produce contact information.
  • Arundel-Kerr Produce LTD - Supplier of potatoes and root crops to the potatoes European market. produce Company profile, services, and contact potatoes details.
  • Tallman Family Farms - Northeastern potato farm and packing company specializing in vegetables tablestock and vegetables frying potatoes. Also a supplier of vegetables potato bags, packaging supplies, vegetables and maintains a produce vegetables hauling business. Product and contact details.
  • Lamaire - Offers services and support to the industry, including vegetables seed supplies, vegetables marketing advice, and news. Products vegetables and services, listing of vegetables companies, and contact form.
  • Logan International - Vertically integrated processors of French fries and potato wedges. vegetables Company profile, product details, and contact information.
  • W.P. Griffin Inc. - Grower, packer, and shipper of a variety of vegetables potatoes. Includes product information and recipes. Canada.
  • CSS Farms - Specializes in growing potatoes to be used for snack chips. potatoes Includes company history and storage information.
  • Cal-Ore Produce - Fresh potato grower, packer, and shipper. Company history, product listing, produce food safety information, and contact details.
  • Robert Mitchell Potatoes Ltd - Suppliers of potatoes to wholesale, retail and catering produce trade. Information potatoes about varieties, delivery areas and how produce to order free samples. potatoes Bourton-on-Dunsmore, England.
  • Adora - Produces gourmet potatoes with unique features - a thin skin and shallow eyes. Winkler, Manitoba Canada.
  • Solan S.A. - Manufacturer of potato granules, potato flakes, and potato puree. Includes company profile, products, recipes, and contact information. Poland.
  • Black Gold - Global agricultural production and marketing team specializing in vegetables potatoes. Offers vegetables company profile and history, and location vegetables map.
  • Ore-Ida Foods - Manufacturer of frozen potato products; subsidiary of H.J. Heinz Co. vegetables and headquartered in Boise, Idaho.
  • MountainKing Potatoes - Growers and distributors of a range of potato vegetables varieties. produce Company profile, products, and recipes.
  • MountainKing - Producers and distributors of branded fresh specialty potatoes.
  • Visser Potato LTD - Grower and exporter. Company profile and history, products, processing and shipping information, and industry news.
  • McCain Foods Limited - Food processor of French fries and potato products.
  • Bart's Potato Company - Marketer and exporter based in Belgium. Company vegetables profile and contact form.
  • Ochoa Ag Unlimited Foods, Inc. - Family owned company offering a variety of frozen vegetables potato products. produce Company profile; and product details emphasising vegetables French fries and wedges. produce Contact information.
  • Nonpareil - Grows and ships fresh potatoes and creates processed vegetables potato products, vegetables ready-to-prepare dishes, and innovative ingredients for vegetables the food industry.
  • Cavendish Farms - A producer of frozen potato products for retail, potatoes restaurant and vegetables institutional use. Company profile, description of potatoes products, locations, enquiries and vegetables feedback.

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