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Sports nutrition product for the weekend warrior, team sport enthusiast or professional athlete that offers an immediate, long-lasting source of energy.

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  • Eat Natural - United Kingdom-based manufacturers of cereal bars and breakfast cereal. Company information, products, availability and press details.
  • GU Energy Gel - Sports nutrition product for the weekend warrior, team energy bars and gels sport enthusiast or professional athlete that offers an energy bars and gels immediate, long-lasting source of energy.
  • Nutri-Nation Functional Foods - Contract manufacturer of private label functional food products specializing in snack foods energy bars, sports nutrition, and weight management bars. Company profile, snack foods product and contact details.
  • FM (Foods) Ltd. - Full energy product listings with simple to use food and related snack foods products secure transactional facility for large quantity purchases.
  • C C Pollen - Bee pollen and bee products like Buzz Bar energy bars, energy bars and gels royal jelly and bee propolis.
  • MET-Rx USA, Inc. - Engineered nutrition products. Company information and product descriptions.
  • Ross Products Division - Snack beverages, shakes and cookies for people requiring potassium, phosphorus energy bars and gels and fluid-restricted diets.
  • Natural Emphasis, Ltd. - Produces all natural and certified organic energy bars, snack foods free of gluten and dairy. View product details, snack foods purchase online, and general nutrition information. Toronto, Ontario, snack foods Canada.
  • LARABAR - Produces healthy energy bars made from minimal, pure ingredients.
  • Earth Song Whole Foods - Natural foods company dedicated to creating delicious, healthful energy bars and food and related products gels whole food bars.
  • Soy Snax - Australian healthfood bar made from GMO free whole energy bars and gels bean soy flour, honey, dried fruit, rice, nuts energy bars and gels and seeds.
  • Crank Sports - Manufactures electrolyte replacement gels. Company profile and events.
  • Flash 5 Energy Bars - Energy bars with gourmet taste appeal and a energy bars and gels balance of carbohydrates, protein, functional fats, fiber, vitamins, energy bars and gels and minerals.
  • Clif Bar Nutrition and Sports Bars - Corporate site has company and product information, Media energy bars and gels Zone, athletic events and training tips, Luna Nutrition energy bars and gels Lounge, and Dream Bar.
  • Carb-BOOM Energy Food - Natural fruit blended with a super concentrated, complex carbohydrate formula. food and related products Great tasting, fat free formula contains 78 grams of carbohydrates.
  • Flos-Aquae LLC - Harvests and distributes blue-green algae, nature\\'s own health snack foods supplement, fresh from Klamath Falls, Oregon.

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