Vegetarian Food and Related Products Business

Producer and distributor of soy-based meatless food products to natural foods and mainstream grocery outlets. Information about the company, products, and recipes.

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See Also:
  • Wheaty - Manufactures vegan organic meat substitutes made seitan. Includes vegetarian list of food and related products EU distributors.
  • Fantastic Foods - Instant and frozen vegetarian meals. Links and zip-code business locator for business stores.
  • SweetEarth Natural Foods - A wholesale natural foods kitchen in Pacific Grove, vegetarian California preparing organic and vegetarian goods.
  • Yves Veggie Cuisine - Offers cholesterol-free alternatives to traditional hamburgers, hot dogs, deli slices business and other meat-based favorites and soy-based cheese substitutes. Company profile, business product information, recipes, and contact details.
  • Devansoy Farms - Provides all natural soy based ingredients and packaged vegetarian soy milk products. Company profile, product details, and vegetarian contact links.
  • Lightlife - Frozen, deli, sauces, tempeh, burgers, and hot dogs. Includes ingredients, business recipes, benefits of soy, and information about giving back to business the community.
  • Morningstar Farms - Manufacturer of a broad range of meatless products.
  • Skeet and Ike's - Manufacturer and distributor of organic soy nut snacks in 4 food and related products flavors. Also lists retail stores where this and organic popcorn food and related products can be purchased.
  • Crispy Cat - Combining the flavor, crunch and indulgence of old vegetarian school candy business bars with vegan and organic ethics. vegetarian Company history, allergy info, business ingredients, and where to vegetarian buy from retail shops or online.
  • Boca Burgers - Producer and distributor of soy-based meatless food products business to natural business foods and mainstream grocery outlets. Information business about the company, products, business and recipes.
  • Greek Gods Hummus - Authentic hummus in 3 flavors. Company profile, product food and related food and related products products descriptions, and contact details.
  • Northern Soy, Inc. - Produces all-natural organic tofu, tempeh, and soy products. business Based in business Rochester, New York.
  • Mediterranean Foods Ltd - UK manufacturer of fresh and frozen vegetarian Mediterranean food and related products style foods. Products include a range of dips, food and related products salads, and sandwiches.
  • Small Planet Tofu - Produces fresh, organic, firm and flavored tofu. Company business profile, product business details, locations sold, and contact information.
  • Turtle Island Foods - Tempeh, burgers, deli slices, and Tofurky feasts made from traditional soy rather than soy derivatives. Certified organic processors and Kosher approved. Includes listings of local retailers and a link for online ordering.
  • GardenBurger, Inc. - Manufacturer of veggie/grain meatless burgers, soy based burgers food and related products and non-burger products to the natural, grocery and food and related products food service channels.
  • Veggie Patch - Wholesale vegetarian food. Veggieburgers, vegetable patties, nuggets. Find business product information, share and get recipes, join the business Veggie Patch community.
  • Zoglos Vegetarian Choice - Offers a line of meatless, nutritious gourmet products.
  • SoYummi, LLC - Offers a variety of soy-based vegetarian alternatives to meat products. food and related products Company profile, product details, soy facts, and contact links.
  • Mori-nu - Tofu manufacturer provides nutritional information and recipes.
  • Hong Kong Kam Kee Foodstuffs Trading Co., Ltd. - Specializes in producing natural vegetarian food and Japanese vegetarian seaweed.
  • Sunergia Soyfoods - Recipes, company story and product information regarding business these makers of ready-to-eat, organic soy cuisine.
  • Noble Health Food - Offers vegetarian food and drinks for distribution throughout Europe. Company profile and product details.
  • Superior Tofu - Offers a wide range of soy products. Based vegetarian in Vancouver and serves the whole Canada market.Offers vegetarian recipes for tofu and soy related cooking.
  • Primm Springs Soysage - Organic meat alternative made with non-GMO soybeans, wheat vegetarian flour and vegetarian germ, and nutritional yeast. Company vegetarian and product information, recipes vegetarian and retailers.
  • VegeUSA, LLC. - Importer of vegetarian food into the United States. business Offers meat food and related products substitutes, prepared meals, snacks and deserts. business Company profile, recipes, product food and related products and contact details.

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