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Veterinary, agricultural, and animal health products for equine, bovine, swine, and other farm animals. Includes distributors, company information, and a catalog of products.

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  • Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank - Blood products, transfusions, services and blood bank for animal health animals, veterinary pets, rescue. Centers located around US.
  • JR Lasers Ltd - Supplying a range of animal drenches, with product, animal health accessory, and clothing information as well as ordering animal health details. Lawrence, Otago, New Zealand.
  • Co-Operative Animal Health Ltd. - Suppliers of Ireland\\'s producer co-operatives, licensed private merchants. veterinary Sales of veterinary products. Includes outlets and contact veterinary information.
  • Butler Animal Health Supply - US distributor of animal health supplies to veterinarians. animal health Features animal health products, service, and history.
  • MWI Veterinary Supply - Supply company for veterinarians in the United States. Includes products, management tips, and company information.
  • Veterinary Anesthesia Systems, Inc. - Sales and service for a variety of veterinary animal health anesthesia wholesale and distribution and monitoring systems in the southern and animal health western US. wholesale and distribution Features products, services, and contact information.
  • Miller Veterinary Supply - Distributor of small and large animal veterinary products. wholesale and distribution animal health Includes news, product information, shipping policies, and contact wholesale and distribution animal health information.
  • Professional Veterinary Products, Ltd. - Veterinary supply company owned and managed by veterinarians. Includes company animal health information, products, and an online tour.
  • A. M. Bickford, Inc - Offering veterinary anesthesia equipment. Located in Wales Center, veterinary New York. Includes company information, products, and distributors.
  • TW Medical Veterinary Supply - A distributor in Cedar Park, Texas supplying veterinarians animal health with pharmaceuticals, equipment and supplies. Includes catalog and animal health contact information.
  • Equality Horse - Distributor of equine veterinary products. Includes product information. animal health In animal health Italian and English.
  • Western Stockmans Inc. - Supplier of veterinary and animal health care products animal health for wholesale and distribution large, equine and small animals.
  • Med-Vet International - Distributor of medical equipment and supplies to the veterinary veterinary field. veterinary Includes products and online ordering.
  • Western Drug Distribution Center Ltd - Source of instruments, pet food, surgical equipment and animal health animal cages for veterinary surgeons in Western Canada. animal health Includes details of membership benefits.
  • Fertile Hemispheres Inc - Suppliers of animal health products, and veterinary diagnostic and treatment aids. Product information, mailing list, and contacts.
  • Veterinary Concepts - Includes product catalog and contact information.
  • Ocularvision, Inc - Offers intraocular lenses, contact lens bandages, eye sponges, surgical knives, animal health and balanced salt solution available to veterinary clinics, hospitals and animal health universities.
  • Capsulenet.com - Online ordering site for veterinary supplies, services, and pharmaceuticals.
  • NLS Animal Health - Distributor of veterinary products in North America. Includes animal health online animal health ordering for veterinarians, company information, MSDS sheets, animal health and practice animal health tips.
  • Sage-London / Henry Schein Arcona - Distributor of dental, medical, laboratory and veterinary supplies animal health to wholesale and distribution doctors across Canada.
  • Vetquip Pty Ltd - Supplying and servicing equipment for anaesthetics, patient monitoring and diagnostic processing. Includes product catalogue and repair service details. Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia.
  • General Veterinary Pty Ltd - Distributor of treatments to control fleas, ticks, intestinal worms and wholesale and distribution heartworm, as well as skin treatments and nutritional supplements for wholesale and distribution dogs, cats, cattle, sheep and horses. Headquarters in New South wholesale and distribution Wales, Australia.
  • Professional┬áMedical Sales, Inc. - Supplies, repair and calibration of diagnostic, monitoring and veterinary surgical equipment. Includes catalog and ordering information. Orlando, veterinary Florida, USA.
  • The Vet Store - Suppliers of new equipment and stainless steel products, as well animal health as reconditioned/used equipment for veterinarians.
  • American Veterinary Supply Corp. - Veterinarian owned. Includes products, specials, online order form, veterinary and account animal health information.
  • Paragon Medical - Sales, leasing, and service of veterinary and medical supplies and equipment. Includes catalog and contact information.
  • Concord Surgical Supplies Ltd. - Offers veterinary medical equipment and supplies. Includes animal health catalog and e-mail order form.
  • Discount Vet Serve - Providing new, factory reconditioned,and used veterinary equipment. Includes wholesale and distribution veterinary catalog and contact information.
  • Vetopharm S.A.R.L - Distributing supplies to veterinarians, pet shops, livestock enterprises and pharmacies. Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Shor-Line - Suppliers of animal handling and containment equipment, and a range wholesale and distribution of fittings and equipment for veterinary use, from examination to wholesale and distribution surgery. Product catalogue, price and contact information.
  • Ag-Tek - Veterinary, agricultural, and animal health products for equine, animal health bovine, wholesale and distribution swine, and other farm animals. Includes distributors, animal health company information, wholesale and distribution and a catalog of products.
  • Vet Pharm, Inc - Supplying medications and equipment across the United States. wholesale and distribution Includes list of manufacturers. Sioux Center, Iowa, USA.
  • The Pet Blood Bank, Inc. - Supplying blood components, transfusion bags and administration sets, veterinary with information animal health for donors and details of forthcoming veterinary collection drives. Central Texas, animal health USA.
  • Midwest Veterinary Distribution Co-operative - A Canadian co-operative providing veterinary products to the North American wholesale and distribution veterinarian community.
  • Cotran - Sales of veterinary instruments and supplies. Includes catalog and contact veterinary information.

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