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Assisting those seeking geriatric care services in southeast Wisconsin, or seeking work in the field and area. Specialists in helping those with chronic conditions.

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  • Laurel Rehabilitation Services, Inc. - Services include case management, utilization review, vocational rehabilitation, healthcare life care planning, cost projections, and independent medical healthcare reviews. Locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Case Management of Michigan, Inc. - Specializes in behavioral health for adults with severe providers mental illness. case management Includes services, staff, and affiliated adult providers foster care (AFC) homes.
  • Advanced Practice Consulting - Offering life care planning, legal nurse consulting , school advocacy, and consulting experts. Based in DeWitt, Michigan.
  • Michigan Case Management Services - Provides medical case management, vocational rehabilitation, and cost providers containment services case management to the workers\\' compensation, auto liability, providers and group health markets. case management Serves Michigan, USA.
  • Grand River Rehabilitation, Ltd. - Offers medical case management and vocational rehabilitation services to injured persons and the geriatric population. Located in Michigan, USA.
  • The Rose Occupational Health Programs and Clinic Services - A single source occupational health company specializing in pre-employment risk checks, WSIB and insurance claim management. Located in Ontario, Canada.
  • Comprehensive Consulting - Provides life care planning, utilization review, medical case case management management, short term disability management, and bill reviews. case management Located in Kentucky, USA.
  • Rehabilitation Case Management, Inc. (RCM) - Provides medical and vocational case management services, life care plans, and litigation support services for workers\\' compensation, group health, and long term care. Has locations in over ten states of the USA.
  • HHS, Health Options - Michigan, USA, not-for-profit organization provides case management services providers focusing on healthcare education, advocacy, and empowerment of the providers individual.
  • Life Care Planning Consultants, Inc. - Located in Imperial, Missouri, USA. Provides life care planning, legal nurse consulting, and case management for the catastrophically injured internationally.
  • Individualized Care Management, Inc. (ICM) - Indiana, USA, firm provides case, utilization, and disease management services. providers Nurses available locally in many parts of the state. [English, providers Spanish]
  • Matrix Consulting Group, Inc. - Provides effective disability management across Canada. Strives to reduce healthcare the ramifications of injury or sickness by arranging the safe healthcare and timely return of individuals to the workplace.
  • Health & Case Management, Ltd. (HCML) - Independent provider of case management, occupational health, and vocational services providers in the United Kingdom.
  • Case Management Specialists, Inc. - Helps companies ensure the most appropriate management of case management health case management care services and benefits; program emphasizes wellness. case management Located in case management Wisconsin, USA.
  • Allegiance Medical Case Management, Inc. - Describes services, philosophy, and approach to providing services healthcare for clients needing case management services. Located in healthcare Texas, USA.
  • Marsha Raines and Associates - Provides geriatric care consultation and case management services, healthcare including referral providers for community services, counseling with caregivers, healthcare and long term care providers insurance. Located in healthcare New York, USA.
  • Workers Rehabilitation, Inc. - Offers life care planning, vocational evaluation, medical bill review, and healthcare set aside services for insurance companies, attorneys and employers. Serving healthcare the USA from Winter Park, Florida.
  • ACN Group - Provides low-back, soft-tissue, and joint rehabilitation solutions to case management the providers health care market in the USA. Services case management include chiropractic, providers physical therapy, and disease management.
  • NRCS, Inc. - Promotes the optimum recovery for injured and disabled healthcare persons through providers disability management. Has locations throughout Canada.
  • Spectrum Review Services (SRS) - Performs patient review, large case management, and utilization providers management for healthcare employer groups, third party administrators, and providers insurers. Located in Texas, healthcare USA.
  • Professional Healthcare Services, Inc. (PHS) - Offers healthcare services in southeastern USA. Specializes in case management healthcare services for both workers\\' compensation and disability management, as well healthcare as occupational wellness.
  • Healthcare Financial, Inc. - A private company that works with local hospitals, providers clinics, and healthcare shelters across Massachusetts, USA. It helps providers enroll low-income, homeless, and healthcare disabled persons into MassHealth, providers SSI, and other free health insurance healthcare programs.
  • Clinix Healthcare - Specializes in utilization, case, disability, and disease management, as well as medical claims review. Offering services to TPAs, self-insured industries, carriers, and networks. Located in Ohio, USA.
  • ActiveHealth Management, Inc. - Provider of clinically focused healthcare quality improvement solutions, healthcare including population, healthcare disease, utilization, and case management. Active healthcare in New York, Ohio, healthcare and Virginia, USA.
  • Medical Services Management, Inc. - Provider of group benefits and workers\\' compensation case providers management as providers well as healthcare consulting services for providers self-insured companies and unions providers throughout the mid-western and providers south-central USA.
  • Cowan Counseling and Disability Group (CCDG) - Services include medical and vocational case management, career providers counseling, life care planning, litigation support, and medical providers bill auditing. Located in Virginia, USA.
  • Matria Healthcare, Inc. - Provides specialized obstetrical home healthcare which assist physicians in the healthcare management of high risk pregnancies and other complicated obstetrical and healthcare gynecological conditions such as pregnancy induced hypertension. (Nasdaq: MATR).
  • Active Health Management, Inc. - A Canadian owned and operated health and disability case management management case management company offering health and disability management, health case management information technology, case management and healthcare provider services.
  • Stowell Associates SelectStaff, Inc. - Assisting those seeking geriatric care services in southeast case management Wisconsin, or seeking work in the field and case management area. Specialists in helping those with chronic conditions.
  • Health Care Amenities Plus, Inc. - Provides occupational health and case management services for healthcare business and healthcare health care management companies. Includes mission healthcare statement, list of services, healthcare testimonials, and employment opportunities. healthcare Located in Texas, USA.
  • ISYS Solutions, Inc. - Provider of medical case management throughout California, USA. healthcare Specializing in providers workers\\' compensation, group health, disability, and healthcare auto liability. Field and providers telephonic services available.
  • Work & Well, Inc. - New Jersey, USA, firm provides national integrated medical providers leave administration, healthcare management and return-to-work services for disabilities, providers medical leaves, and absences.

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