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  • BEC Emergency Systems - Developer of best evidence charting software for emergency nurses and software physicians. Includes screenshots and FAQ.
  • BullBerry Systems - Offers GIS and software designed for 911 dispatch software and property emergency medical services assessment solutions. Includes FAQ and training software details.
  • PEPID - Offers a subscription-based portable emergency medical information database emergency medical services emergency medical services for PDAs. Includes downloads.
  • Emergency Software Products, Inc. - Fire, rescue and EMS administrative software.
  • HealthWare Solutions - Emergency Medical Services prehospital patient care documentation and software information management systems.
  • Gmed Ltd. - Producer and publisher of educational medical multimedia.
  • MacroLogic Inc. - Featuring the "CodeRed EMR System" EMS software, a software network based computing data acquisition and report management tool software for the EMS market.
  • Medical Software From The Health Care Net - Division of Medical Simulations Software.
  • EMSystem.com - Offers an online suite of four service areas computing that help emergency medical services with emergency medicine patient management.
  • Fireground Pump Trainer - Software for firefighter training, hydraulics, and engine pumps.
  • RAM Software Systems, Inc. - Ambulance Information System. Billing and trip statistics software for ambulance emergency medical services services.
  • New Wave Software - Offers integrated tracking, management, and charting systems for emergency medical departments. Includes brochures.
  • Lynx Medical Systems - Provides management services, tools and technology for emergency departments.
  • Emergency Medical Services Consulting - Specializes in third-party reimbursement, and health care procurement, software management recruitment computing services, and EMS system assessment.
  • Jacobs Business Software - Offers time, attendance and scheduling software for fire, emergency medical services software police, ambulance and nursing homes.
  • Sweet Computer Services - Emergency Medical Services information management system.
  • Digitech Computer - Offers billing and transportation software for the EMS computing industry. Includes demonstration request.
  • Weboutcome.com - Provides online form creation targeted to medics to emergency medical services assist with clinical audit and outcomes measurement.
  • Pinpoint Technologies - Provides flexible, integrated Windows based software and web based applications for the EMS and paratransit industries.
  • KA Soft Software - EMS information including online exercises, a message base, news items, computing and public safety links.
  • PowerPhone - Offers seminars, quick-tab reference manuals and pre-arrival software computing for police, software fire, and emergency medical dispatch.
  • Parker Hill Associates - Exit Writer - Offers patient discharge management software. Includes screenshots and demonstration request.
  • Medical Dispatch LLC - Provider of computer aided dispatch software for ambulance software services.
  • Ack Incorporated - Developers of fire department, EMS, dispatch, and emergency room software.
  • Mad Scientist Software - Emergency medicine education software product information on ACLS and Trauma software simulators, blood gas and EKG training software and patient education software software.
  • Colleton Software - Specializes in the resolution of paperwork and reimbursement software problems for software ambulance providers and EMS companies.

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