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Assists health care organizations in the utilization of networking technology to deliver services by sending medical information securely over the Internet.

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  • Optimal Insights - Assists health care organizations in the utilization of consulting networking technology o to deliver services by sending medical consulting information securely over the o Internet.
  • Optometry Practice Management & Consulting - Provides management support to individuals and organizations; services healthcare include ophthalmic practices for sale, brokerage services for healthcare buyers or sellers, partner buy-ins and mergers, plus healthcare consulting, appraisals and assistance with practice acquisition loans
  • OcchNet Ltd. - Assists occupational health, safety, and hygiene providers implement healthcare practical health consulting and safety solutions, reduce risk, and healthcare improve compliance.
  • Oncology Management Consulting Group - Provides consulting and operational oncology management support to healthcare health care providers; services include billing and coding healthcare review, financial assessment, mentoring, leadership training, interim management healthcare services, and educational programs.
  • Oxford Health Consulting - Specializes in applying research evidence to health practice.
  • Operating Room Management Consultants - Provides operational management, program development, utilization analysis, and staffing support consulting to reduce operating room costs and increase productivity.
  • Ofstead Insights - Provides support in clinical and marketing communications to healthcare healthcare organizations; o services include expert analysis, research, customized healthcare seminars, and relevant publications.
  • Orton - Evaluates feasibility of technological applications for rehabilitation medicine; o links to relevant research resources.

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