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Develops, produces and markets proprietary medical instruments designed for noninvasive, real-time therapeutic management of patients and monitoring of hemodynamic and cardiodynamic performance of the cardiovascular system.

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  • Koven Technology, Inc. - Develops and sells surgical and fetal dopplers and probes.
  • FR Chemical, Inc. - Develops and distributes chemical imaging products.
  • CardioDynamics International Corporation - Develops, produces and markets proprietary medical instruments designed for noninvasive, equipment and supplies real-time therapeutic management of patients and monitoring of hemodynamic and equipment and supplies cardiodynamic performance of the cardiovascular system.
  • Metrika Inc - Manufactures single-use diabetes monitoring devices for analyses other products and services diagnostic than glucose.
  • Midmark Diagnostics Group - Equipment manufacturing of ECG and EKG devices for the medical diagnostic industry.
  • Len-Med Medical LTD - Sells closed evacuated blood collection systems and disposable diagnostic tubes.
  • Medscope Ltd - Suppliers of diagnostic medical equipment including ophthalmoscopes, stethoscopes, blood pressure equipment and supplies monitors and otoscopes.
  • BSD Medical Corporation - Manufactures equipment used in the treatment of cancer.
  • TBS - Designs, develops, and manufactures solutions for the histology marketplace.
  • IQ Healthcare Solutions - Sells diagnostic and medical imaging equipment for hospitals, small clinics and doctors offices.
  • Radi Medical Systems AB - Develops, manufactures, markets and sells medical devices and products and services services within the field of interventional cardiology.
  • Instrumentation Associates, Inc. - Distributors of electronic screening and diagnostic equipment including audiometers, rhinolarygoscope, equipment and supplies otoscopes, and defibrillators.
  • Healthcare Technologies - Imports and distributes laboratory equipment, instrumentation, reagents, diagnostic kits and diagnostic consumables for the healthcare market.
  • MICROM International GmbH - Develops and produces microtomes, cryostats, tissue processors and products and services other histological instruments.
  • DiaSys Corp. - Develops, manufactures and distributes medical and clinical laboratory products for equipment and supplies hospital, clinical and private physician laboratories.
  • SINNOWA Medical Science & Technology Co., Ltd. - A clinical instruments manufacturer in China.
  • Cone Instruments - Offers diagnostic imaging products.
  • Modul USA Recording Papers - Manufactures and distributes ECG paper, EEG paper, Spirometry equipment and supplies paper, holter equipment, fetal monitoring paper.
  • Integrated Medical Devices, Inc. - Manufactures pacemaker follow-up equipment, cardiac event detection and equipment and supplies Holter monitoring systems.
  • Harpell Associates Inc - Specializing in diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology.
  • Biomerica Inc. - Develops, manufactures and distributes medical diagnostic products designed for the products and services early detection and monitoring of human diseases and conditions.
  • NewTech Industrial Corporation - Manufacturer of ECG, Ultrasound scanner, Patient Monitor equipment.
  • Advanced Biosensor - Manufacturer of PC-based diagnostic monitoring products for General Practice, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Hospitals. (Biotel Incorporated)
  • Medical Graphics Corporation - Develops, manufactures, and markets cardiorespiratory diagnostic equipment for products and services the early diagnosis and prevention of heart and products and services lung diseases.
  • Sakura Fintek Europe B.V. - Manufacturer of diagnostic equipment for histopathology and cytology.
  • Remedy Medical Systems - Specializes in mobile MRI and CT rentals and equipment and supplies diagnostic sales.
  • Cardima, Inc. - Provide tools to the medical community for the diagnostic diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.
  • TransAmerican Medical Imaging - Supplies diagnostic equipment and parts for Philips MRI, products and services products and services CT, Cath, Ultrasound, Mammography, and other modalities.

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