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Products and equipment designed to help persons with speech disabilities or writing difficulties to communicate. At its very simplest, augmentative communication can be a page with picture choices or alphabet letters that a person points to. It can also involve highly sophisticated speaking computers with on-screen communication boards and auditory or visual scanning.

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See Also:
  • DynaVox - Provides advanced augmentative communication solutions.
  • Toby Churchill - Manufactures portable text-based communication aids for people who communication aids cannot communication aids speak.
  • Dexterity Technologies - Offers ergonomic pens, grips and other handwriting aids.
  • Ability Research - Proposes hand held augmentative communication devices.
  • Crestwood Communication Aids - Offers speaking aids, switches, and adaptive toys for disability children and adults with communication difficulties.
  • ZYGO Industries - Manufactures and distributes augmentative communication and computer access disability systems for disability individuals who are disabled.
  • Technologie and Integratie - Proposes hardware and software solutions for people with products and services a communication disability.
  • Digital Acoustics - Manufactures a portable keyboard with text-to-speech synthesizer. The included battery powered speaker talks while you type.
  • Aurora Systems - Designs augmentative communication products since 1990.
  • AAC - Offers augmentative and alternative communication intervention products and presentation services.
  • The Great Talking Box Company - Manufactures a line of augmentative communication devices for speech impaired disability individuals.

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