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Hardware and software products that enables persons with disabilities to access, interact with, and use computers at home, work or school. Includes modified or alternate keyboards, switches activated by pressure, touch screens, special software, voice to text software, etc.

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See Also:
  • Multimedia Max - Proposes complete computer systems that help the disabled products and services become more independent through environmental control and computer products and services operation.
  • ElectricRainbow - Manufactures multi-user speech recognition software applications for medical, legal, law enforcement, and manufacturing fields. Free demonstrations are available.
  • Origin Instruments - Manufactures head-controlled pointing systems, on-screen keyboards, sip and puff switches.
  • Adapted Computer Technologies - Specializes in systems integration and the instruction in the use of computer assisted devices.
  • Infogrip - Interface devices to assist the developmentally or physically products and services challenged to accomplish effective computer use.
  • Quintet - Develops switch-enabled musical instruments, joysticks for computer use and electric products and services wheelchair controls.
  • EVAS - Offers adaptive aids and turnkey computers for people who are products and services visually, physically or hearing impaired.
  • Rehabilitation Technologies - Supplies rehabilitative products for people with disabilities, including computer mounting disability systems, keyguards, switches, computer desks.
  • Unique Perspectives Limited - Manufactures switches and joysticks that allow mobility impaired computer access aids computer access aids persons to use computers, drive powered wheelchairs, or computer access aids computer access aids play music.
  • Ability Research Centre - Assists people with disabilities to obtain maximum benefits from modern computer technology.

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