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For sites that offer wheelchair parts, accessories products and related services.

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See Also:
  • Nighthawk Manufacturing - Manufactures and distributes wheelchair replacement parts.
  • Therafin Corporation - Proposes trays for wheelchairs, positioning products, control system accessories and parts components, transfer boards.
  • Whitmyer Biomechanix - Manufactures head supports and control systems.
  • Tri-Quality - Manufactures and distributes wheelchair replacement parts and accessories.
  • DeltaGlide - Designs and manufactures power-assist products for manual wheelchairs.
  • Wijit - Offers driver and braking mechanism that provides increased wheelchairs power gained mobility and transportation aids by its lever action.
  • Skyway Tuffwheels - Manufactures Nylon wheels for the healthcare industry, lawn and garden, bicycle, and material handling markets.
  • Hatch Corporation - Manufactures and sells gloves, mitts and cuffs in accessories and parts para push and quad push styles.
  • RollTalk - Wheelchair control system for those who can not operate an electric wheelchair with a joystick.
  • Sanford Battery - Offers wheelchair and scooter battery replacements.
  • Surelock Incorporated - Designs and manufactures wheelchair hub locks, brakes and accessories.
  • National Power Chair - Manufactures DC motors for powered wheelchairs.
  • MBL - Manufactures standard components for the wheelchair industry such accessories and parts mobility and transportation aids as spoked and plastic wheels, quick release axles, accessories and parts mobility and transportation aids hubs and pushrims.
  • Flexel Mobility - Supplies tires, tubes, wheels and batteries to retail mobility and transportation aids wheelchair and scooter dealers in the UK.

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