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Sensory loss and hearing loop systems, text readers, bar code scanners for the blind and visually impaired. Located in the UK.

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  • Braille Plus, Inc. - Provides products, training, and consulting for the visually impaired. Services products and services include transcribing on audio tape, Braille, 3D Braille, large print, products and services and electronic formats.
  • Clarity - Manufactures video magnifiers (CCTVs) for helping visually impaired products and services products and services and blind people.
  • Vision Technology - Manufactures industrial video magnification systems.
  • Specsavers Opticians - A chain of opticians offering services throughout Europe.
  • Visual Enhancements - Low vision equipment and adaptive aids.
  • Bartimaeus Group - Provide adaptive technology products, technical services, and training disability for compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation disability Act.
  • Quantum Technology - Manufactures and distributes products for people who are blind or vision and reading aids vision impaired.
  • Force 10 Company - Sensory loss and hearing loop systems, text readers, bar code scanners for the blind and visually impaired. Located in the UK.
  • Ocutech - Develops low vision aids for patients suffering from disability macular degeneration and other low vision impairment.
  • Alva - Manufactures braille displays, outSPOKEN screen reader and inLARGE disability screen magnifier products and services software.
  • Trynameks - Proposes large print and low vision products, Braille products, talking products and services devices, voice command computers systems.
  • Ackley Appliance Service - Perkins Brailler repair, updating, and general reconditioning.
  • Visuaide - Distributes software and hardware products adapted to the products and services products and services needs of the blind and the visually impaired.
  • Ash Technologies - Offers portable products for partially sighted persons.
  • Robotron Sensory Tools - Makes reading machines, Braille software, a Braille palmtop, products and services disability and a talking compass.
  • Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH - Manufactures Braille displays, note-takers and readers. Site available in low vision and Braille formats. Horb, Germany. ( English and German )
  • A. T. Kratter - Technology and services for people with reading, visual, learning, and physical disabilities.
  • Eschenbach Optik of America - Distributor of vision aids including magnifiers, telescopes, sun products and services vision and reading aids filters, binoculars, and electronic reading devices.
  • Voice Web Solutions - A tool for publishers to transform their content products and services disability into VoiceXML so that the disabled can access products and services disability any information and navigate the content by voice.
  • Allied Technologies of the Carolinas - Provides CCTVs, reading machine, handheld video magnification systems.

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