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Swedish firm manufactures air cleaning machines and filters for industrial and home use. Page includes information about models, filters and company history. [English, Swedish]

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  • Sycorp Environmental - Provides solutions to indoor air quality and contamination control problems filters and purifiers in commercial, cndustrial and residential environments.
  • BoAir - Manufactures permanent air filters that are designed to last for products and services the life of air-conditioning and heating units.
  • Blejwas Associates, Inc. - Providers of air conditioning filters, products and services. (Central and Northern New Jersey)
  • BRC - French company offering Insect killer, dehumidifier and air cleaning equipment.
  • Ionair - Manufactures automatically-controlled air cleaning units to improve indoor filters and purifiers air quality at hotels, restaurants and other indoor filters and purifiers facilities.
  • Mediccleanair - Swiss made products for eliminating indoor airborne pollution.
  • Sani-Shield International Inc. - Air filters, including whole house air cleaners, electronic air cleaners, air fresheners and fragrances.
  • Miljoburken - Swedish firm manufactures air cleaning machines and filters for industrial air and home use. Page includes information about models, filters air and company history. [English, Swedish]
  • Certek Industries - Products for the biomedical industry including air filtration air systems and air design and construction of clean rooms.
  • Amaircare - Manufactures a wide range of HEPA based air products and services filters and purifiers purifiers. Offers portable, in-room, and whole house products and services filters and purifiers air cleaning products.
  • Indo German Carbons Limited - Manufacturers and exporters of activated carbon from India.
  • Air Probe Sanitizer - Information about ultraviolet air purification units for use filters and purifiers in heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Air Commander - Offering an electrostatic furnace filter that is self-charging, air permanent and filters and purifiers washable.
  • - Offers a combination of professional indoor air quality air assessment services coupled with product solutions to resolve air air quality issues.
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems - Provides air monitoring equipment and air sampling products air for use in lead and asbestos testing.
  • MolecuCare, Inc. - Indoor air ultraviolet disinfection systems; residential, commercial, and air hospital air purification.
  • Tri-Dim Filter Corporation - Manufacturer of many types of HVAC air filters and general air ventilation products.
  • Allergy Attack - Manufacturer of electrostatic, active carbon and disposable media pads and air HVAC filters.
  • Midwest Air Products Co., Inc. - Manufacturer and installer of corrosion resistant process exhaust products and services products and services systems, wet scrubbers, mist eliminators, ductwork and hoods.
  • Sanuvox Technologies Inc - Information about uv air purification technology and Sanuvox products and services filters and purifiers products.
  • Dust Free - An electrostatic air filter and air cleaner manufacturer products and services since 1982.

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