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E-zine and forum for the exchange of news and ideas between global continence related organizations. Directory of national and global foundations, institutions and organizations. Article archive.

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  • GoodNites - Product page and informational resource on juvenile bed hygiene disposables wetting resources habits. Facts and causes. Drink diary and hygiene disposables progress calendar. resources Message board. Parents corner. From the hygiene disposables Kimberley-Clark corporate web resources site.
  • Disposable Diaper Industry - Information resource about the disposable diaper industry. Introduction to diapers. products and services A directory of manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and machinery. History of products and services diapers. Extensive FAQs. [English and Spanish] From the homepage of products and services Carlos Richer.
  • Continence Worldwide - E-zine and forum for the exchange of news and ideas resources between global continence related organizations. Directory of national and global resources foundations, institutions and organizations. Article archive.
  • Incontinence Education Center - Resource on female and male incontinence conditions. A directory of hygiene disposables links to care organizations and publications. Detailed FAQs. From Kimberly-Clark, hygiene disposables Inc.
  • Tissue World Magazine - Bi-monthly publication of CMP Asia Trade Fairs Pte., hygiene disposables Ltd, products and services for professionals in the disposable tissue industry. hygiene disposables Links to products and services back issues and trade fairs.
  • The Continence Foundation - UK. National organization for education, research and knowledge hygiene disposables transfer on adult incontinence, involved in scientific and hygiene disposables consumer publications, conferences and promotion. Links to resources. hygiene disposables Directories of products and clinics. Introduction to incontine
  • AHPMA. Absorbent Hygiene Products Manufacturers Association - UK. Trade organization for UK manufacturers of disposable resources nappies, feminine products and services hygiene products and continence care products. resources Directory of member companies. products and services Calendar of events. List resources of publications. Links to related sites.
  • HAPCO. Hygiene Absorbent Products Manufacturers Committee - Trade organization for manufacturers of disposable baby diapers, sanitary protection products and absorbent incontinence pads, operating under the auspices of Edana. News and market information. Introduction to adult incontinence. List of publications. Li
  • Incontinent. Com - Informational resource on adult incontinence. Library of articles. Detailed FAQ. Guide to types of incontinence. Available treatments, and pelvic exercises. List of retail shops. Links to related sites.

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