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Provide hospitals with infection control surveillance via data mining technology to pinpoint nosocomial infection outbreaks and identify local changes in antimicrobial resistance.

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  • Infection Control Systems, Inc. - Specializes in the hygienic and surgical disinfection of infection control the products and services hands. A touchless dispensing system for effective infection control disease control products and services for home, office and business.
  • Soluscope - Manufacturer of the Soluscope compact washer disinfector for healthcare flexible endoscopes.
  • MedMined, Inc. - Provide hospitals with infection control surveillance via data healthcare mining technology infection control to pinpoint nosocomial infection outbreaks and healthcare identify local changes in infection control antimicrobial resistance.
  • Young Innovations, Inc. - Designs, manufactures and markets consumable supplies, instruments and products and services other products such as pastes, fluoride products, applicators products and services and consumable products used in the sterilization and products and services infection control processes. (Nasdaq: YDNT).
  • eICAT - Electronic Infection Control Assessment Technology for IC specialist healthcare to gather healthcare data and analyse it.
  • Sch├╝lke & Mayr GmbH - Germany. Multi-national manufacturers of disinfectants, antiseptics, preservatives and biocides for infection control the medical, cosmetics, metalworking, coatings, wet wipe and healthcare industries. infection control English and German.
  • Advanced Sterilization Products - Offering infection control products for use in the infection control cleaning, products and services disinfection, sterilization, and storage of medical devices.
  • Bode Chemie - Manufacturer of products for disinfection and hygiene for healthcare skin care products and services and preservation. From Germany.
  • Aventis Pasteur - Offering pediatric, adult and travel vaccines, as well products and services healthcare as undertaking research.
  • M D Technologies inc. - Environmate DM6000 Suction-Drain System for direct disposal of healthcare suctioned fluids without health care worker exposure from healthcare Endoscopy, Surgery and SPD areas.
  • Compliance Control Center - An award winning site discussing the importance of handwashing in preventing nosocomial infection. Includes compliance improvement tools. HyGenius handwashing systems, data, links, and studies.

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