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Buy and sell used and reconditioned medical x-ray, radiology, diagnostic, ultrasound, mammography, CT scanner, cardiac, angiography, and MRI equipment to/from hospitals, physicians and imaging centers.

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  • Fisher Biomedical, Inc. - A family owned medical equipment sales and service remanufacturers-remarketers organization. medical equipment Based in Venice, Florida.
  • Barrington Medical Imaging - Offers pre-owned CT-Scanning and MRI equipment. Includes background, remanufacturers-remarketers product list, services, and frequently asked questions.
  • Colco Scientific Enterprises, Ltd. - Based in the UK, deal in secondhand laboratory and medical equipment worldwide. You can buy or sell through us.
  • Diamond Diagnostics - Supplier of used and refurbished ph Blood Gas, Chemistry, and medical equipment Hematology analyzers, systems, and cell counters. Also Electrolyte and medical equipment Coagulation spare parts, reagents, buffers and electrodes.
  • MEMdata Online - MEMdata offers medical equipment brokerage services to hospitals remanufacturers-remarketers with a focus on cost reduction. MEMdata remanufacturers-remarketers hospital clients receive an average 18% reduction in remanufacturers-remarketers their total capital equipment purchase budget.
  • Prescott's Inc. - Specializes in new and re-conditioned Surgical Microscopes: Zeiss, products and services Wild, Topcon, Weck, and Storz.
  • Medical Solutions, Inc. - Supply new and refurbished medical equipment, including oximeters, medical equipment spirometers, medical equipment and EKGs.
  • MCP International, Inc. - MCP International, Inc. is the largest remarketer of radiation therapy equipment in the U.S. We specialize in linear accelerators and simulators.
  • All-Tech Medical Resale - Buying and selling of pre-owned medical and hospital equipment including medical equipment a wide range of home care, medical and surgical equipment.
  • Technological Horizons Enterprises - Offers new and refurbished medical equipment for nuclear remanufacturers-remarketers medicine, ultrasound, remanufacturers-remarketers CAT scanning and general radiology.
  • CVS - Dealers and distributors of refurbished used Echocardiography and products and services ultrasound equipment or systems, transducers, parts and service products and services repair.
  • Pacific Rim Medical Systems - Domestic and international distributor of OEM factory refurbished medical equipment medical equipment including defibrillators, ultrasound, and patient monitoring medical equipment systems.
  • Medical Equipment Marketing - Anesthetic Equipment, Consulting ex. purchasing and financing options, medical equipment equipment values and inventory of endermologie, lasers, microdermabraion medical equipment equipment.
  • Sim Net, Inc. - Specializes in remanufactured Kermath Therapy Simulators.
  • MedEquip Biomedical - Pre-owned monitors for sale. All monitors come with medical equipment new accessory items and a one year warranty.
  • UltraMed - Locators for used x-ray, refurbished ultrasound systems, and products and services custom radiology table pads.
  • Advanced Transducer Services, Inc. - Specializes in diagnostic ultrasound sales, service and parts. remanufacturers-remarketers ATS sells products and services and repairs ultrasound systems for all remanufacturers-remarketers specialties.
  • Tri-State Biomedical, Inc. - Sales and service of medical and laboratory remanufacturers-remarketers equipment. remanufacturers-remarketers Located in Philadelphia, United States. Rack remanufacturers-remarketers washers, tunnel washers, cage remanufacturers-remarketers washers, glassware washers, autoclaves.
  • Amber Diagnostics - Buy and sell used and reconditioned medical x-ray, radiology, diagnostic, remanufacturers-remarketers ultrasound, mammography, CT scanner, cardiac, angiography, and MRI equipment to/from remanufacturers-remarketers hospitals, physicians and imaging centers.
  • Anderson Medical Equipment Company - Leading pre-owned medical equipment dealer. An active member of the products and services International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers products and services (IAMERS). A medical equipment company owned by medical professionals.
  • Taffaro Marketing Group - Quality (new and used) medical, dental, PT, office remanufacturers-remarketers and homecare remanufacturers-remarketers equipment.
  • Ultramed, Inc. - A leading supplier of preowned medical, scientific, laboratory and research products and services equipment. We specialize in cardio-vascular diagnostic instruments, microscopes, ultrasound imaging products and services equipment and electronics monitoring systems.
  • Freelance Surgical Ltd. - We are the largest UK company specialising in remanufacturers-remarketers high quality medical equipment pre-owned operating room and ITU equipment
  • Block Imaging International, Inc. - A source for quality pre-owned imaging systems. Complete logistics and remanufacturers-remarketers a worldwide network. Lansing, Michigan, USA.
  • Future Health Concepts - Offers remanufactured operating room tables, surgical lights, anesthesia medical equipment machines, products and services sterilizers, and other items.
  • Second Exposure, Inc. - Buyer/seller of refurbished/used medical imaging equipment; from cath medical equipment labs medical equipment to MRI.
  • WME, Inc. - Provides highest quality refurbished medical and surgery equipment with complete products and services warranties and excellent customer service.
  • MedTech Imaging - Preowned refurbished ultrasound equipment.
  • Northern Scientific - Refurbishing and resellling surgical tables, lighting and anesthesia remanufacturers-remarketers machines. Minnetrista, products and services Minnesota, USA.
  • United Medical Technologies Corp. - Sell used, preowned, and reconditioned Diagnostic Imaging Systems, domestic and products and services worldwide.
  • HMP, Inc. - Specializes in the sales and service of used medical equipment and medical equipment refurbished medical equipment.
  • Integrity Medical Systems - Integrity Medical\\'s expertise and reputation for bringing the finest quality refurbished medical equipment to professionals is unequaled. Professional diagnostic equipment, and healthcare systems.
  • ServeMedical International - Offers complete technical services for Oldelft, Nucletron, Elekta, and Huestis radiation therapy simulators, including parts, installation, shipping and transportation. ServeMedical also provides services for positioning lasers, and block cutting devices.
  • Rankin Biomedical Corporation - Selling pre-owned, used and refurbished medical and laboratory remanufacturers-remarketers equipment.
  •, Inc. - Hospital and clinics selling quality pre-owned medical equipment medical equipment direct products and services to you.
  • Surgical Insight - Supplying refurbished microscopes, bulbs, and video systems to products and services hospitals, surgery centers, medical centers, and doctors offices.
  • Audiometric Booths - Sales and service of audiometric equipment.
  • High Technology, Inc. - Supplying new and reconditioned laboratory, imaging and analytical remanufacturers-remarketers equipment. Walpole, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Vonco Medical - Used medical, rehab and fitness equipment - also products and services medical equipment offer service and tech support.
  • Sun Coast Medical - Phaco handpiece repair service. Ophthalmic equipment and services remanufacturers-remarketers (diagnostic and products and services surgical), and general medical remanufacturers-remarketers (new and used) and products and services orthopedic rehabilitation equipment.
  • Commercial/Medical Electronics - Deals in used, refurbished and pre-owned medical and remanufacturers-remarketers hospital equipment products and services including defibrillators, patient monitors, telemetry, stress remanufacturers-remarketers test systems, ECG, EKG, products and services and holter systems.
  • LET Medical Systems Corp. - Provide equipment for Cardiology use and refurbished ultrasound machines.
  • Pharma Machines - Well maintained and fully repaired used machines for products and services the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Medical Equipment Export - Consortium of high quality refurbished and used medical products and services equipment suppliers and experienced technicians. Distinguished by products and services its quality assurance program and level of expertise products and services in each field.

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