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Business: Industries: Healthcare: Products and Services: Ophthalmology: Lenses and Optics Listings here are for those businesses that sell lenses and optical products or services to the Professional Healthcare Industry, NOT to the consumer.

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  • Harbor Optical, Inc. - An independent company providing lenses and frames to lenses eyecare professionals nationwide from Traverse City, Michigan.
  • Volk Optical - Ophthalmology aspheric optics.
  • Ocular Instruments - Manufacturer of laser, surgical and diagnostic lenses and products and services indirect ophthalmoscopy and slit lamp indirect lenses.
  • Nassau Vision Group - Wholesale distributor of lenses.
  • Seiko Optical Products, Inc. - Manufactures and markets titanium eyewear and high-index ophthalmic lenses lenses.
  • D Sujanani - Wholesale prescription lenses from China, priced for bulk products and services purchasers.
  • Focal Vision International - Manufacturer of one piece PMMA and hydrophilic acrylic ophthalmology foldable intraocular products and services lens.
  • Array Multifocal Lens - Multifocal intraocular lens used to restore vision after cataract surgery.
  • Nova Optical Lab - Stock popular lenses like Transitions and Sunsensors and ophthalmology do custom products and services lens jobs.

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