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Provides sterilization, microbial reduction, and materials modification services using gamma irradiation, electron beam irradiation, and ethylene oxide processing. Mentor, Ohio, USA.

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  • Andersen Products - Design and manufacturing of sterilization related equipment and consumables. sterilization Provider of sterilization and laboratory services.
  • Sterile Technologies - Complete facility design, manufacturing and sterilization service company.
  • Biolene Sterilizers - Suppliers of sterilization systems for heat sensitive medical surgical products products.
  • NUTEK - Contract electron beam irradiation services including turn-key sterilization surgical products validation for medical device manufacturers
  • The Ruhof Corporation - Manufactures a complete line of instrument care and cleaning Products surgical products for the medical field.
  • Case Medical - Manufacturer of reusable medical sterilization containers, case/tray systems, and custom surgical instruments.
  • Raven Biological Laboratories - Manufacturer of sterility assurance products including biological indicators, products and services sterilization chemical indicators, spore suspensions and recovery media.
  • Steritech - Australian provider of contract gamma irradiation processing.
  • Isotron - Provides irradiation services serving the medical, pharmaceutical, packaging, products and services products and services and cosmetics industries. ( French, Dutch and English products and services products and services )
  • Ethox International - Services for the medical device, pharmaceutical and scientific industries.
  • Riley Medical - Custom sterilization cases, surgical trays, and instrument containers for medical surgical products product manufacturers
  • Tri-State Hospital Supply - Provides custom sterile kits, trays, liner systems, tape, labels, contract surgical products sterilization, and laboratory services.
  • Custom Ultrasonics - Provides automated reprocessing systems for cleaning and chemical immersion of sterilization flexible endoscopes, laparoscopic devices and surgical instrument systems.
  • Sterigenics - Offering consultative services and time-based contract sterilization and products and services sterilization deployment solutions. Oak Brook, Illinois, USA.
  • Plastic Sterilizing Tray - Manufacturers of surgical instrument sterilization and storage trays.
  • Sterylgaz - Supplier of ethylene oxide blends for medical device sterilization.
  • Steris - Provides sterilization, microbial reduction, and materials modification services using gamma sterilization irradiation, electron beam irradiation, and ethylene oxide processing. Mentor, Ohio, sterilization USA.
  • Sterilization Services - Provider of contract sterilization services using ethylene oxide.
  • Metal Chem Industries - Manufacturers of equipment for sterile products department.
  • Primus Sterilizer - Manufacturer of steam sterilizers featuring a patented interior finish.
  • Cosmed Group Sterilization - Supplier of contract sterilization services. Technologies include ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, dry heat, steam, and ozone.
  • Vacudyne - Manufacturer of industrial gas sterilizers for medical device products and services sterilization manufacturers and contract sterilization facilities.
  • E-Beam Services - Offers contract electron beam processing for sterilizing medical products and services devices.
  • Continental Equipment - Provider of reconditioned AMSCO sterilizers.
  • Atofina - Manufacturer of ethylene and propylene in Europe. Worldwide surgical products chemical supplier conglomerate.
  • Sterilizer Refurbishing Services - Providing sterilizer cleaning services and accessories to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Arc Specialty Products - Suppliers of 100% ethylene oxide to medical device manufacturers, contract sterilizers, and others in the healthcare field.

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