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  • Buy Rite - Supplier of balloons, streamers, plastic and paper products wholesale and distribution catering such as plates.
  • Peter-Stott - UK suppliers of commercial catering equipment: fryers, grills, food service griddles.
  • Akro Ltd - Supplier of commercial catering equipment and other catering products in the UK.
  • Fidlers - Wholesale catering and Cash and Carry supplier.
  • PWP Thermoform Packaging - Manufacturer of plastic food containers.
  • The Royal Store - Supplier of paper lace doilies, dinner boxes, and wholesale and distribution baking cups.
  • Kerekes Bakery & Restaurant Equipment Inc. - Commercial kitchen and bakery equipment.
  • Victor - UK catering equipment supplier.
  • GBS Linens - Rental and sales of general and specialty item catering table linen.
  • CMA Spa - Espresso and cappuccino machines manufacturer.
  • 4yourparty.com - Distributor of party, catering and wedding reception supplies.
  • Jozev Products - Distributor of food products and canteen supplies.
  • Bigtray.com - Provides national distribution of foodservice equipment and supplies.
  • Barmans - Suppliers of bar and catering equipment.
  • Twin Supply, Inc. - Supplier of chafing dishes, steam table pans, and catering mobile food wholesale and distribution bars.
  • Kelmin Products - Portable heating source.

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