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Management software for the catering industry. Includes sales and event management, recipe costing, purchase orders, equipment inventory, personnel scheduling and event payroll. Online demo and customer support.

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  • Smartrack Information Systems Ltd. - Stock management and control software. Integrated product costing, catering and food hospitality inventory supplier ordering and recommended selling price facilities.
  • CaterWare - Specializing in Windows based catering software for professionals.
  • Culinary Software Services - Software for the foodservice industry; includes recipe and catering and food catering and food inventory inventory menu costing, inventory control, ordering and purchasing and catering and catering and food inventory food inventory nutritional analysis.
  • - Online ordering and web site design for restaurants.
  • Serendipity Systems - Inventory management software with integrated accounting. Also features catering and food inventory hardware and peripheral sales.
  • Enggist & Grandjean - Offers software for recipe costing, menu planning, inventory hospitality management, stock hospitality location and nutrient analysis.
  • Softcafe - Menu development software. Includes menu builder, employee schedule manager and hospitality web site design package.
  • EIC Software - Offers software suite designed to manage every aspect catering and food hospitality inventory of a food distribution company. Windows based.
  • Cbord Group - Provider of management and accounting software for the catering industry.
  • CrossFire Software - Provides restaurant reservation software.
  • Supply Serve - Stock control and costing software for restaurants, hotels, catering suppliers catering and food inventory and other hospitality businesses.
  • Rise Now - Offers a hosted online menu system for restaurants.
  • Restaurant Blitz Management Services - Offers a cost control software product.
  • Synergy International - Management software for the catering industry. Includes sales and event hospitality management, recipe costing, purchase orders, equipment inventory, personnel scheduling and hospitality event payroll. Online demo and customer support.
  • HJM Software - Offers custom database and reservation software for the hospitality restaurant industry.
  • FoodWare - Software company developing end-user applications and tools for hospitality the food hospitality and grocery industry. Its lead product hospitality is a recipe finder hospitality and meal planning application.
  • Food Service Computer Software - Offers an inventory, recipe and menu costing product.
  • Maitre d' Software - Catering and event planning software designed for the catering and food inventory off-premise catering and special event planning industry.
  • Twinpeaks Software - Management and accounting software for the baking industry. software Demo software and buying guides available for download.
  • OnTarget for McDonald's Restaurants - OnTarget provides at store level, a suite of powerful management tools for McDonald\\'s Restaurants who want to get the most from their business software.
  • MyTakeoutWeb - Providing restaurant and food service web sites with catering and food hospitality inventory online ordering functionality. Includes a suite of administrative catering and hospitality food inventory tools for menus and other options.
  • StarChef - Menu planning and development software. Users can maintain software databases of ingredients, dishes and menus. Features include software recipe costing, menu engineering, cost and profit analysis software and reporting. Demo available.
  • ReServe Interactive - Event sales management, catering, dining reservation and club management software tools for the hospitality industry.
  • Barrington Software - Offers inventory control and product management programs.
  • Horizon Business Services - Booking software with reporting functionality for catering operations.
  • Tracrite Software Inc. - Offering a sales, food cost and inventory management software solution. Demo available.
  • Eatec - Develops back-office systems for the food service industry. Its EatecNet product offers a scalable solution, web-enabled and centrally controlled, for food and beverage operators.
  • MenuLink Back Office Software - MenuLink provides back office software for restaurant chains including: food cost, inventory, labor, cash management, HQ consolidation, data warehousing.
  • iMagic Software - Offers reservation software for the restaurant industry.
  • At Your Service Software - Provides an inventory, recipe, menu, food costing and pricing tool.
  • Food Service Solutions, Inc. - Offers food cost accounting software designed to isolate losses.
  • System Concepts - Offers various back-of-house software packages.
  • Instore Systems - Provides software to consolidate multiple location point of hospitality sale data.
  • CaterPro Software - Developer of planning software for banquet businesses.
  • CrunchTime Information Systems, Inc. - Web-based back office software application designed for multi-unit software foodservice operators.
  • Matraex, Inc. - Provides an online ordering module for restaurant web sites.
  • Resort Software - Developers of recipe management/costing and menu engineering software for professional catering and food inventory chefs and cooks.
  • Oscar Software UK - Software for administrators and food service in public and private schools.
  • Total Party Planner - Catering software to plan and cost catered events. catering and food catering and food inventory inventory Custom proposals, invoices, net profits calculation. Testimonials and catering and catering and food inventory food inventory demo download/CD request.
  • Hospitality101, Inc. - Offers web based storefront software for caterers.
  • PCS Revenue Control Systems Inc. - Supplier of school food service nutrition, inventory and hospitality food production software management systems for school districts.

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