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Helps employer and employee resolve workplace problems. Help is available for issues relating to sexual harassment, employee motivation, communication, procrastination, law suits, and labor business news is provided.

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  • Access Resources Judith Cohen - Workplace mediation and training, specializing in disability issues. Training employee relations in conflict management and dispute resolution, disability awareness, and ADA.
  • Resources For Employer-Employees - Helps employer and employee resolve workplace problems. Help is available conflict resolution for issues relating to sexual harassment, employee motivation, communication, procrastination, conflict resolution law suits, and labor business news is provided.
  • Conflict Training for Healthcare Professionals - Dr. Judith Briles site provides information on her work as an expert on conflict and sabotage in female dominated workplaces.
  • Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. - Offering training in the safe management of disruptive employee relations and conflict resolution assaultive behavior, as well as other topics.
  • Michael H. Smith, Ph.D. - Helps companies manage conflict, diffuse potentially damaging situations, and improve productivity through consulting, training, and coaching.
  • Chorda Conflict Management, Inc. - Offering services to reduce conflict within companies.
  • Nunberg Associates -family business problem solving - Problem solving and conflict resolution for family-run businesses.
  • Helen Crawford - Problems at work - an independent advisory service human resources specifically conflict resolution for dealing with work related issues.
  • Interfacet - Provide training for management and staff on discrimination, cultural and gender issues.
  • Centre for Conflict Resolution International - Services to prevent and resolve workplace conflict, including human resources mediation, conflict resolution negotiation, training, organizational assessments, and interactive quizzes human resources and surveys.
  • KCR Communications - Offers workshops in project management, negotiation skills, and conflict management.
  • Employee Assistance Programs - Stuecker & Associates Inc. - International woman-owned provider of employee assistance programs and employee relations related human resources services.
  • Independent GSO Mediation Services - Canadian company offering labour relations services, specializing in employee relations grievance and collective bargaining mediation and labour relations employee relations training.
  • Jane R. Wilkinson - Provides labor and employment arbitration and mediation services.
  • Resolute Systems, Inc. - Helping small and large businesses prevent and resolve conflict resolution employment disputes.
  • Addressing Workplace Aggression - Offers training programs from David K. Cutler, an independent consultant. human resources Programs address aggression in the workplace, conflict prevention and conflict human resources intervention.
  • Dana Mediation Institute - Kansas based trainers, consultants, speakers, and other experts human resources for mediation and management of conflicts in the human resources workplace.
  • Institute For Executive Consultation, Inc. - Executive coaching for ADA, Discrimination, or Harassment problems, human resources based employee relations in Yonkers, US.
  • Employment Law Consulting Group, LLC - Human Resource Consulting Services prevents workplace and employment-related conflict resolution problems from disrupting business activities; ELCG\\'s continuing objective conflict resolution is to bring value to our client\'s bottom conflict resolution line.
  • Noll Associates - Conflict management firm, located in Auberry, California, providing services to conflict resolution high technology industry sectors.
  • Business Mediation Associates - Business Mediation Associates is a group of interdisciplinary professionals whose employee relations purpose is to help business partners and owners prevent and employee relations resolve conflicts in a collaborative and non-adversarial way.
  • CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution - Engaged in an integrated agenda of research and human resources development, employee relations education, advocacy and dispute resolution, with the human resources goal of employee relations installing ADR into the mainstream.

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