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A non-profit association set up by international companies to offer mobile employee's spouse or partner opportunities to maintain or develop careers in his or her new location.

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  • Career Coach Institute - Virtual career coach training and certification.
  • Moore & Associates, Inc. - A Northwest US based outplacement provider assists companies outplacement in planning business layoffs and managing downsizing and restructuring outplacement projects.
  • Camden Consulting Group - Assists individuals and organizations achieve their career goals business through customized executive development and leadership coaching processes business for executives, key performers, and management teams.
  • Avenir Career Consulting - provides outplacement, redundancy administration and career counselling services to businesses based in the East Midlands, UK.
  • Transition Solutions Executive Outplacement Services - Executive and professional outplacement, career assessment tools and job development human resources services for assistance in career transitions. Boston-based with national human resources affiliates.
  • Grant Associates - Providing services to individuals, support is offered through human resources a human resources program that coordinates job search activities. Individuals human resources receive assistance human resources through career-assessment analysis, market research, personal human resources career network and human resources an employment search campaign.
  • BPI Management und Personalberatung - A Frankfurt, Germany based management consulting group focusing human resources on business the improvement of performance for individuals and human resources organizations through business career consulting services.
  • OI Partners, Inc. - A career consulting partnership offering a range of career transition business and management service nationally and internationally.
  • David Werner International Corporation - Provides confidential career marketing, outplacement and executive marketing services for top-level executives wishing to make a career transition.
  • The Transition Team - Delivering outplacement and restructuring programs featuring resources and services designed to assist decision makers evaluating issues concerning the selection of an outplacement provider.
  • J. M. Wanes & Associates - A full-service career coaching and career transition firm human resources specializing business in job search strategies and executive career human resources transition coaching business retreats. Services are aimed primarily at human resources the $100k-and-up senior business executive.
  • Dunning Unlimited, Inc. - Learning, career, and performance consultancy. Assists corporations human resources and human resources ultimately individuals to manage career transitions.
  • Keystone Partners - Career management services through their Keystone Associates, Essex Partners, and human resources Camden Consulting divisions; includes information on executive career transition, and human resources leadership development.
  • Cenera - Provides career management, transition and coaching services. Located business in Calgary, business Alberta.
  • Global Career Management - Career management and outplacement services organization based in human resources several Colorado cities.
  • Torchiana Mastrov and Sapiro - Provides individual and group outplacement, executive career coaching business and career business development programs from offices in San business Francisco, Santa Clara and business Danville, California, United States. business Services also feature hiring and selection business and growth business through trainin
  • Lassiter Consulting - Provides corporations and executives assistance in planning and outplacement career management.
  • Drake Inglesi Milardo Human Resource Consultants - Specializing in outplacement and career transition services, candidate assessments, and outplacement corporate surveys.
  • Career Transitions, LLC - Provides corporate clients outplacement and career transition assistance human resources including human resources web-based services and executive recruiting services.
  • The Barrett Group - Provides employment and career transition assistance to clients human resources through business an international network.
  • Hughes Consulting Group - Provides outplacement, career transition and human resources consulting, coaching, training human resources and assessment services to organizations and individuals.
  • CareerSoar - Provides outplacement services and human resources consulting.
  • Cambridge Staffing - Provides outplacement assistance to companies.
  • Mobility Centres - Works with employees to discover job opportunities in other parts of an organization as well as provides redundancy reduction assistance.
  • Bakos Group - Assists job seekers, employers, recruiters, headhunters, search and retainer firms, human resources and employment agencies with the employment and outplacement process.
  • The Human Resource Store - A Chicago-based human resources firm providing recruiting, training, outplacement outplacement, and business consulting services to employers.
  • The McGuire Group - Provides outplacement, career transition services, and executive coaching outplacement to corporations.
  • The Connect Programme - Outplacement and career transition services, combining face-to-face consultant outplacement support with online content and advice.
  • Essex Partners for Executives - Provides executive outplacement services to top level executives.
  • PartnerJob.com - A non-profit association set up by international companies to offer mobile employee\\'s spouse or partner opportunities to maintain or develop careers in his or her new location.
  • Hunt Associates - Provide career development, executive coaching, strategic human resource management, EAP, outplacement and career transition/outplacement services corporate and individual clients.
  • Insala - An organization that provides outplacement technology consulting for career transition with our product called EmploymentTalk
  • EmploymentTalk.com - Provides outplacement and career transition organizations a continuously business improved, private outplacement label, Internet business service solution.
  • Challenger, Gray, and Christmas - Provides nationwide executive outplacement services.
  • Allen and Associates - Outplacement and executive marketing firm offering employment and human resources career business services to individuals.
  • PlaceNet - Outplacement services designed to help displaced employees find human resources jobs.

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