Specialty Wire Cable and Wire Industrial Goods and Services

Manufactures custom made multi-layered laminated bus bars. Bus bar designs can range from any shape and size to the power requirements needed.

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  • Insteel Industries, Inc. - Manufacturer of concrete reinforcing products, industrial wire, nails, tire bead industrial goods and services wire and galvanized guy strand for a broad range of industrial goods and services construction, industrial and telecommunications applications.
  • Millard Wire Company - Custom manufacturer of copper, brass, bronze, nickel and cable and wire cable and wire nickel silver wire and strip. Services include cable and wire cable and wire rolling, slitting, drawing, annealing and cut to length cable and wire cable and wire capabilities.
  • Calmont Wire and Cable, Inc. - Specializes in wire and cable that is ultra-flexible industrial goods and industrial goods and services services and miniature.
  • Nelson - Manufactures a wide range of self regulating heating cables, system monitors and controls.
  • Stitching Wire Direct - Manufacturer and supplier of stitching and book binding specialty wire wire, cable and wire box stitching ribbon wire, bag tie, and specialty wire ice wire.
  • Contours, Ltd. - Produces a range of shape and flat wire cable and wire products for manufacturers and assemblers worldwide. Makes wire cable and wire in hundreds of shapes and contours.
  • Garnisch GmbH - Manufacturer of special cables for -90 deg C to 1400 specialty wire deg C. Heating, thermocouples and compensation cables. Insulation sleevings.
  • Stitchwell - Manufacturer of stitching wires for staples for corrugated boxes and book binding copper m.s, brass.
  • Paramount Wire Co. - Manufacturers of wire, strip, sheets, and copper wire for electroplating.
  • Bell Wire Products Ltd. - Wire frames, rings shelves and baskets for the cable and wire industrial goods and services floral, craft, wreath, and horticultural industries.
  • Amstek Metal - Speciality wire and steel strip serving the precision cable and wire specialty wire spring and metal forming industries. Illinois, Connecticut, and cable and wire specialty wire North Carolina Locations.
  • Bukwang Rope Co. - Specialized company dealing in reed wire. Stainless steel wire 430, reed for water jet loom, reed for rapier, reed for PP, and others.
  • Leoni Wire - Leoni Wire, Inc., part of Leoni Group, cable and wire specialty wire manufacturers tin plated, silver plated and nickel plated cable and wire specialty wire stranded conductors and Hacoba and Wardwell precision wound cable and wire specialty wire bobbins for the aerospace, computer and automotive industries.
  • Der Shin Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of electrode wire for precision CNC processes.
  • Aerospace Wire and Cable - Online wire and cable catalog for the high cable and wire industrial goods and services temperature industry. Also offering online custom cable cable and wire industrial goods and services design worksheets.
  • SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co.KG - Manufacturer of robotic, flexible control and data cables.
  • Ortronics - Interconnect and cross-connect fiber system solutions.
  • IMI Scott Ltd. - Manufactures electrical resistance wire, thermocouple wire and cable specialty wire and cable and wire associated products.
  • Percy Hawkins & Son Ltd. - Specialist wire drawers of aluminium and other non-ferrous specialty wire metals. cable and wire Bulk or one off quantities from 8.00mm specialty wire to 0.12mm cable and wire diameter.
  • Eldre Corporation - Manufactures custom made multi-layered laminated bus bars. Bus bar designs specialty wire can range from any shape and size to the power specialty wire requirements needed.
  • Gem Electro Mechanicals Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of all types of lead-in wires for electric lamps specialty wire and bulbs. Also manufacturers nickel plated wires and lead in specialty wire wire making machines.
  • Ocean Wire and Cable - Insulated electrical wire and cable for high and industrial goods and specialty wire services low temperature applications. Ocean stocks material for same industrial goods specialty wire and services day shipments and does custom constructions.
  • JLC Electromet Pvt. Ltd. - Speciality metal wire industry in India, makes more cable and wire than 100 types of metal alloys and specialty cable and wire wire, tailored alloys and wires meeting customer\\'s cable and wire specific requirements.
  • Hyndman Industrial Products - Manufactures heating elements and resistance wire products.
  • Advanced Wire and Cable - Distributors and designers of military spec and commercial wire, cable specialty wire and tubing; specializing in hard-to-find, unusual wire and cable.
  • Garra Ind. - Spanish producers and suppliers of wire rope and chain fittings industrial goods and services used in fishing, agriculture, industry, building, power lines and in industrial goods and services many other different areas.
  • Ormiston Wire - Manufacturers of speciality wire.
  • SAB Associated Wire Products - Manufacturer and supplier of flexible oil resistant control specialty wire and continuous flex cables, including servo, torsional, bus, specialty wire and custom cables
  • WireMaid - Manufacturer of custom made, high precision wire products.
  • United Wire - United Wire produces continuously cast brass and bronze alloy wire.
  • Maprem - Maker of acoated and painted wire for flower arrangement. Wire for handiworks, bricolage and hardware store.
  • Global Wire Group - Manufactures and supplies non-ferrous wires, conductors, strands and specialty wire. industrial goods and services Brass, copper, alloy, silver, nickel, titanium.
  • Pelican Wire Co., Inc. - Supplier of resistance, heating, thermocouple, and specialty wire.
  • Elektrisola Inc. - Manufacturer of enameled copper wire and fine magnet wire 0.010 industrial goods and services - 0.50mm (AWG 24 - 58).
  • Luma Metall - Fine and ultra-fine wire manufacturer.
  • Storm Copper - Produces custom copper busbars (bus bar, buss bar), copper busbar assemblies, laminated busbars, power distribution busbar and PC board copper connectors.
  • Hongshan Cable and Wire Co.,Ltd. - Produces PVC insulated cables and wires, XLPE insulated industrial goods and cable and wire services wires, overhead cabels, fire resisting wires, fiberglass covered industrial goods cable and wire and services cables, rubber covered cables, and aluminium strands steel industrial cable and wire goods and services reinforced.

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