Equipment Calibration and Testing Industrial Goods and Services

Development and manufacture of a wide range of universal materials testing equipment for industrial applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and machine specifications. English and Chinese.

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  • Greenwich Instrument Co. Inc. - Supplier of dynalyzers and other x-ray voltage dividers.
  • InstruCon - Distributor of temperature instruments, MACO control systems, heat treating controllers and plastic machinery controls.
  • Com-Ten Industries - Manufacturer of tensile and compression testing equipment for equipment production floors and quality control labs.
  • MKS Instruments - Makers of portable pressure and flow calibration and equipment testing equipment.
  • Cannon Load Banks, Inc. - Manufactures battery charging equipment, located in Palmetto, Georgia.
  • Chun Yen Testing Machines Co., Ltd - Development and manufacture of a wide range of equipment universal materials industrial goods and services testing equipment for industrial applications. Detailed equipment product catalogs, including technical industrial goods and services information and machine specifications. equipment English and Chinese.
  • TestEquip - Supplier of technological and scientific equipment.
  • IPPN Measurements and Controls - Instrumentation and calibration equipment for temperature, pressure, differential pressure transmitters industrial goods and services and micromanometers for cleanroom and laboratory use.
  • TestResources - Supplier of tensile, compression and fatigue test machines.
  • Balance Depot - Distributor for major manufacturers for industrial scales, laboratory calibration and testing calibration and testing equipment and supplies.
  • Datascan Lebanon - Provides tuning and scanning equipment for vehicle repair. industrial goods and industrial goods and services services Features a catalog of products, news and downloads.
  • Instru-Met Corp. - Provider of re-manufactured and fully upgraded load frame equipment test equipment.
  • Machine Monitoring Systems Ltd - Providers of condition monitoring services and consultancy including vibration analysis, calibration and testing thermal imaging, and oil sampling in the UK.
  • SphereOptics - Provider of light measurement, test equipment, photometers and radiometers.
  • Grace Instrument Company - Manufacturer of viscometer, rheometer and other test equipment.
  • KenMar Instrumentation Services LLC - Provider of vibration monitoring and instrumentation.
  • Testlopedia - Providing descriptions of plastics tests with pictures of the equipment, test fixtures and specimens utilized.
  • Weiss Technik Belgium - Supplier of climatic test equipment, laboratory equipment, vacuum equipment and industrial calibration and testing ovens.
  • Dactem - Supplier of test and control equipment for the industrial goods and services aeronautics, automotive industries.

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