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Manufacture ultrasonic horns and fixtures for plastic assembly applications; including full and half wave horns, composite horns, and carbide coated horns.

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  • Sonic Systems - Designer and supplier of ultrasonic transducers and generators . Includes ultrasonic testing a technical paper on horn design . United Kingdom.
  • Sonotec - Manufacture a range of ultrasonic hand-tools for filing, power ultrasound cutting, repair, chasing and carving. Japan.
  • Ultrasonic Systems Incorporated - Supplier of spray fluxing equipment to the printed ultrasonic testing circuit board assembly industry. Develops, manufactures, and markets ultrasonic testing industrial spray coating equipment based upon its patented ultrasonic testing ultrasonic spray technology .
  • Active Ultrasonics (Switzerland) - Sells frequency generators, transducers, and sonicators. ultrasonic testing Also ultrasonic testing offers product development consulting. Page includes ultrasonic testing applications of ultrasonic testing merchandise.
  • EPAK electronics Ltd. - Offer a range of bonding capillaries, die pick up tools calibration and testing and collets and ultrasonic bonding wedges . United kingdom.
  • Ultrasonic Energy Systems (USA) - Manufacture ultrasonic generators and provide support for the exploration of the physical, chemical and biological effects of ultrasound.
  • Humidifirst - Manufacture mist producing and mist free ultrasonic humidifiers. calibration and testing ultrasonic testing Includes a humidifier sizing calculator and FAQs .
  • Ritec Inc. (USA) - High Power Ultrasonics. Manufacturer high power square ultrasonic testing wave calibration and testing pulsers and high power (5KW pulser power) ultrasonic testing gated amplifiers calibration and testing which are used with piezoelectric and ultrasonic testing electromagnetic acoustic transducers. calibration and testing Many of our amplifiers ultrasonic testing are sold as part calibration and testing of a complete meas
  • American GFM - Manufacture tooling equipment for crankshaft milling, ultrasonic cutting , sheet metal routing , core routing , forging , rolling mills and custom machine tools.
  • AEA Technology Sonoprocessing - Application of power ultrasound to crystallizing systems. Capabilities power ultrasound include calibration and testing laboratory, pilot-plant scale and industrial-scale studies. Products power ultrasound include a calibration and testing batch sonoreactor.
  • VOLMAR di Mario Vota s.a.s. - Manufactures a proprietary ultrasonic homogenizer, able to dissolve and disperse asphaltene heavy ends of fuel oils throughout the whole fuel oil flow, for steam boiler and diesel engines of ships and industrial plants. Italy.
  • Ultec AB - Provide humidification, dust suppression and gas cooling systems based on calibration and testing ultrasonic atomization systems . Sweden.
  • Toman Tool Corporation - Manufacture thermal and ultrasonic plastic assembly equipment and power ultrasound accessories. ultrasonic testing Includes extensive technical information on the use power ultrasound of ultrasonics.
  • Orthodyne Electronics (USA) - Design and manufacture wire bonding equipment for the calibration and testing semiconductor, automotive, and industrial markets worldwide. The wire calibration and testing bonders ultrasonically weld aluminum wires ranging from 1.2-25 calibration and testing mil/33-625 microns in diameter.
  • Modal Mechanics (USA) - Industrial, general and micro-surgical ultrasonic transducers, high intensity horns and calibration and testing generators. 10-3000 watts, 20-100 kHz. Autoclavable, sealed tools calibration and testing with true motionless terminations for fluid attachments.
  • Anza Technology, Inc. (USA) - Manufacture a range of testing equipment including die adhesion, lead ultrasonic testing fatigue and bond pull. The company also manufacture ultrasonic bonders.
  • Accusonics, Inc. (USA) - Manufacture ultrasonic horns and fixtures for plastic assembly applications; including full and half wave horns, composite horns, and carbide coated horns.
  • Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd. - Design and manufacture a wide range of ultrasonic machines for power ultrasound welding, cleaning, sieving, non-destructive testing and sonochemistry . India
  • Information Unlimited - Supply ultrasonic blasters and generators, which generate a protective shield of high pressure complex sonic shock waves that may be used for laboratory and field research.
  • Dr. Hielscher GmbH - Supply ultrasonic processors from 12 watt up to power ultrasound 4000 watt with frequencies from 20 kHz up power ultrasound to 1. 6 Mhz.
  • Misonix Inc. (USA) - Designs, develops, and manufactures ultrasonic medical devices, scientific calibration and testing power ultrasound and industrial ultrasonic equipment, laboratory safety equipment, and calibration and testing power ultrasound air pollution control products.
  • Valleylab (USA) - Design and manufacture electrosurgical and ultrasonic surgical equipment. Products include electrosurgical generators, vessel sealing system, electrosurgical pencils and patient return electrodes .
  • Bullen Ultrasonics, Eaton, Ohio (USA) - Offer precision machining services using ultrasonic technology. Includes ultrasonic testing a power ultrasound description of ultrasonics at work.
  • Reson Inc. - Manufacture integrated sonar systems for naval, hydrographic, and power ultrasound off-shore power ultrasound applications, transducers, hydrophones, calibration equipment and high-power power ultrasound ultrasonic systems power ultrasound for industrial processes.

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