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Manufacture high ultrasonic level measurement transmitters, and open channel flow meters, microwave blocked chute/barrier detection systems and tilt switch detectors. South Africa .

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  • Sparling Instruments Inc. - Supply ultrasonic level and flow meters for the level measurement process instrumentation industry. Listing of representatives, flow measurement links level measurement and downloadable instrumentation product data .
  • Siemens Milltronics Process Instruments Inc. - Manufacture ultrasonic level measurement devices used to measure related products and level measurement services and control the movement and storage of liquids related products level measurement and services and bulk solids, also produces dry solids flow related level measurement products and services measurement and process protection equipment.
  • Magnetrol International - Manufacture a range of level and flow controls. related products and related products and services services Ultrasound, buoyancy, visual inspection and vibrating rod systems. related products related products and services and services Technical papers and comparisons.
  • Delta Controls Corporation - Manufacture industrial level measurement and control instruments and sensors. Product related products and services data sheets and catalog available in pdf format.
  • Cosense, Inc. - Designs and manufactures a wide variety of point level measurement and level measurement continuous ultrasonic level sensors for liquid and level measurement dry product level measurement measurement.
  • KAB Instruments (Pty) Ltd. - Manufacture high ultrasonic level measurement transmitters, and open level measurement channel related products and services flow meters, microwave blocked chute/barrier detection systems level measurement and tilt related products and services switch detectors. South Africa .
  • Bindicator - Producer of level controls for liquids, solids, and instrumentation slurries, level instrumentation monitors using ultrasonic and modem communications.
  • Hitech Technologies Inc. - Offers a wide variety of level controls including instrumentation sonic laser, level measurement ultrasonic and vibration . Library of instrumentation instruction manuals and product level measurement specifications available for download.
  • Thermo Electron Corporation - Manufactures a range of ultrasonic and nuclear level and density instrumentation measurement instruments . Literature downloads and a listing of distributors.
  • Automated Sonix Corp. (USA) - Manufacturer of ultrasonic non-contact level controls to monitor related products and services liquids in tanks.
  • Sonotec Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH - Develop and produce ultrasonic level measurement and control instrumentation and leak related products and services detection sensors. Includes a listing of instrumentation international distributors.
  • WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH - Manufacture a range of sensors for displacement, position instrumentation and level level measurement measurement . Germany .

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