Powder Metal Foundries Casting, Molding, Machining Industrial Goods and Services

Features powder metallurgy implementation of net shape parts in a range of alloys and iron. Bi-metal parts are also offered as an alternative to weld overlay.

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  • Jinju Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of powdered metal parts using injection molding. casting, molding, machining foundries They specialize a variety of alloys and stainless casting, molding, machining foundries steel. Based in China.
  • Ridgway Powdered Metals Inc. - Producer of custom powdered metal parts and assemblies powder metal for a variety of industrial applications.
  • SSI Technologies, Inc. - Producer of powder metal components and metal injection molding. Specializes in high-temperature sintering of soft magnetic, stainless, and tool steels.
  • Saint Marys Pressed Metal - Manufacturer of ferrous and non-ferrous powdered metal components.
  • Dansk Sintermetal - Produces parts using the powdered metal process. Based in Germany.
  • Alpha Sintered Metals, Inc. - Manufacturer of powdered and sintered metal parts for casting, molding, machining the industrial sector. Specializes in ferrous and non-ferrous casting, molding, machining materials. QS 9000 registered.
  • Clarion Sintered Metals Inc. - Producer of powdered metal components for the automotive, lawn and powder metal garden, appliance and industrial markets. Extensive experience in sinter hardened powder metal and copper infiltrated products.
  • PSM/BrownCo - A powdered metal parts manufacturer, offering presses ranging casting, molding, machining in capacity from 12 to 150 tons. Production casting, molding, machining equipment includes complete vacuum impregnation systems, vibratory equipment, casting, molding, machining and grinders.
  • Keystone Powdered Metal Company - Provides a full spectrum of P/M products, primarily casting, molding, machining powder metal within the automotive sector.
  • Crucible Materials Corporation - Features powder metallurgy implementation of net shape parts in a range of alloys and iron. Bi-metal parts are also offered as an alternative to weld overlay.
  • Rainbow Ming Industrial Co., Ltd. - Hardware, auto and motorcycles, household apparatus, pneumatic and electrical, lock foundries elevator, fishing tackle, powder metal. Powder metal casting. Based in foundries Taiwan.
  • GKN Sinter Metals - Producer of powdered metal components for automotive applications.
  • Sintex - Stainless steel sintermetal manufacturer. Corrosion resistant, weldable, very powder metal high density grades. AISI 304, 316, 317. Liquid powder metal phase sintering. Other products: Permanent magnets, thermal spraying powder metal wear and corrosion resistant coatings. A unit of powder metal the Grundfo
  • Dymet Corporation - Powder metal process uses a variety of materials including brass, bronze, nickel silver, stainless steel, aluminum. Most frequently used are iron and steel alloys.
  • Chicago Powdered Metal Products - Manufacturer of powdered metal parts, with a full foundries range of powder metal presses up to 1650 tons. Specializes foundries in larger, complex, multi-level powder metal parts in high volumes.
  • Comtec Mfg. Inc. - Producer of powdered metal parts and sub-assemblies for foundries the aircraft, powder metal appliance, automotive, and outdoor power equipment foundries markets.
  • Wakefield Corporation - Experienced manufacturer of both ferrous and non-ferrous powdered metal parts. Maintains a full in-house metallurgical laboratory.

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