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Opposed double disc surface grinding services for a wide range of customers including the computer, automotive, aerospace and defense industries.

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  • HM Precision Grinding Pty. Ltd. - Australia. Specializes in internal, external, and surface grinding of machine tool parts and production components. Capabilities include handling of ceramic and carbide materials, as well as repair and manufacture of spindles.
  • Valley Machine Knife Corp - Sharpening of all knives and blades from the casting, molding, machining metal grinding largest paper knife to the smallest router bit, casting, molding, machining metal grinding from high speed steel to carbide.
  • DeRick Jig Grinding Incorporated - Specializes in providing precision jig grinding services for a variety machine shops of markets. Includes automotive, aerospace, electrical, and medical industries.
  • South Coast Grinding - Offers OD and ID grinding and CNC surface casting, molding, machining machine shops grinding.
  • Seagate Grinding and Manufacturing, Inc. - Tool grinding and cutter grinding services, manufacturer of machine shops special cutting tools.
  • BHM Technologies - Specialized in diamond and CBN wheels and PCD machine shops and machine shops PCBN toolings.
  • Jamar Precision Products - Specializes in high volume precision CNC grinding. Includes outside and inside diameter, centerless, and surface work. Also offers honing, powder coating, and bead and sandblasting capabilities.
  • Jewelers Machinists Co. Inc. - Grinding threads, worms, leadscrews, ball screws, bone screws, metal grinding taps, casting, molding, machining injection molds.
  • Aggressive Grinding Services Inc. - Can perform outside and inside diameter, centerless, and machine shops surface metal grinding grinding for parts, as well as supplying machine shops complete components metal grinding or assemblies. Particular focus is on machine shops prepping drills, metal grinding mills, cutters, and knives.
  • K3 Centerless Grinding Inc. - Offers broad range of grinding services. Includes plunge/infeed, casting, molding, machining casting, molding, machining thru-feed, and CNC cylindrical versions. Site provides photos casting, molding, machining casting, molding, machining and details of capabilities.
  • Absolute Grinding Company Inc. - Provides broad range of grinding services. Facilities include casting, molding, machining machine shops equipment for internal, external, centerless, and surface work. casting, molding, machining machine shops Emphasizes ability to provide quick turn around.
  • Renner Grinding Company - Specializes in provision of jig grinding, wire EDM, casting, molding, machining and high speed EDM hole drilling services.
  • Ryeco Inc. - Specializes in precision double disc grinding replacing surface grinding, blanchard metal grinding grinding, or lapping.
  • Lee's Grinding, Inc. - Precision CNC ID and OD cylindrical grinding of machine shops exotic machine shops materials to aerospace quality standards.
  • Trinel, Inc. - An ISO 9002 certified machine shop specializing in machine shops grinding, cutting, rounding and chamfering of most metals. machine shops Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Better Way Grinding, Inc. - Opposed double disc surface grinding services for a wide range casting, molding, machining of customers including the computer, automotive, aerospace and defense industries.
  • Midway Grinding Inc. - Provides honing and centerless, internal, and external grinding services to variety of customers. End products include bushings, gears, and hydraulic and pneumatic components. Site describes range of capabilities.
  • Multigrind Services Ltd - UK. Provides broad range of grinding services, especially metal grinding for casting, molding, machining aerospace and motor racing industries. Capabilities include metal grinding cylindrical, centerless, casting, molding, machining internal, and surface grinding. Details of metal grinding available facilities.
  • Aerospace Techniques - Supplier of metal grinding and EDM services for metal grinding the casting, molding, machining aircraft engine, aerospace, medical and electronics industries metal grinding to ISO-9002 casting, molding, machining standards. Offers a company profile.
  • Baxter Machine & Tool Co., Inc. - For machined powdered metal parts, ID, OD, centerless, machine shops blanchard and opposed face grinding, and CNC turning machine shops and milling. Jackson, MS.
  • New England Carbide Inc. - Specializes in broad range of grinding services. Includes form, cylindrical, profile, surface, and jig versions. Also offers flat lapping, wire EDM, and crush roll capabilities.
  • Universal Grinding - Provides a wide range of grinding services both nationally and casting, molding, machining internationally.
  • Precision Grinding, Inc. - CNC steel plate cutting, Blanchard grinding, surface grinding machine shops and metal grinding machining services for customers needing finished steel machine shops plate.
  • Van Zetten B.V. - The Netherlands. Specializes in grinding and repair of machine shops large crankshafts, propellor shafts, connecting rods, pumps, and machine shops compressors. Serves shipping, petrochemical, and other industries using machine shops outsized heavy duty engines.
  • S & B Jig Grinding, Inc. - Precision grinding offered.
  • Kemet International - Supply technical advice and products for surface finishing such as metal grinding lapping compound, liquid diamond and polishing cloths.
  • State Cutter Grinding, Inc. - Provides tool and cutter reconditioning as well as special tooling to the manufacturing community.
  • Aero Grinding Inc. - Specializes in production and precision centerless grinding. Also offers repair, machine shops rebuilding, and retrofitting services, as well as replacement parts and machine shops used centerless grinders.
  • M & S Centerless Grinding, Inc. - Offers precision centerless, cylindrical, cnc and od/id grinding casting, molding, machining of metal, glass, plastics, and exotic alloys.
  • Specialty Grinding and Machining - Features surface and OD-ID Grinding as well as machine shops regrinding. Form tools are a specialty.
  • Florida Knife Company - Manufacture industrial machine knives. Grinds knives up to 180" in length. Blanchard grinding up to 60" diameter. Surface grinding up to 24" x 84" and 12" x 180".
  • National Tool Grinding - Tool grinding and tool sharpening services, new cutting tools.
  • California Jig Grinding - Provides jig grinding and wire EDM services. machine shops Offers machine shops a technology discussion and contact information.
  • Targhee Jig Grinding - Specializes in grinding for jigs, fixtures, tooling, dies, and molds. casting, molding, machining Includes ability to grind to 0.00005" tolerance. Offers free quotes casting, molding, machining and technical advice.
  • Acme Grinding, Inc. - Precision production centerless and cylindrical grinding. Serving the northern metal grinding Illinois and southern Wisconsin, USA area.
  • Ram Grinding Services, Inc. - Centerless, surface, I.D., O.D., and CNC O.D. grinding.
  • The EXL Company - Precision grinding.
  • F & F Grinding, Inc. - Presents metal surface grinding. Offers contact information and an equipment list.
  • Lieds Verktoy A/S - Manufactures, sells and regrinds metal and wood cutting metal grinding tools.
  • Watson Grinding and Manufacturing Company - Focuses on coating and machining and grinding services. casting, molding, machining Coatings redue wear from erosion and corrosion. Capabilities casting, molding, machining include rebuilding or custom production of components.
  • American Grinding and Machine Company - Specializes in rotary, bar, and surface grinding, complemented by secondary services such as welding, flame and saw cutting, stress relieving, and painting. End products include heavy duty machine bases.
  • Specialty Grinding & Machining - Small California business specializing in grinding services. machine shops Includes surface, ID-OD, and CNC grinding, tool and machine shops cutter resharpening, and related cutting and drilling.
  • MetroCenterlessGrinding - Features centerless grinding of a variety of materials. Specializes in shaft and bar grinding.

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