Non-Ferrous Machining Machine Shops Casting, Molding, Machining Industrial Goods and Services

Manufactures products and components, and provides services utilizes skills in sintering (baking or firing materials at a very high temperature) ceramic or metal powders into either dense or porous shapes.

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  • Astro Met - Manufactures products and components, and provides services utilizes non-ferrous machining skills in sintering (baking or firing materials at non-ferrous machining a very high temperature) ceramic or metal powders non-ferrous machining into either dense or porous shapes.
  • Boedeker Plastics, Inc - In-house plastics-only machine shop has full CNC capabilities to make machine shops parts from Vespel, Torlon, Ultem, or other engineering and high machine shops performance plastic materials. Shiner, TX.
  • Ferro-Ceramic Grinding Inc. - Specializes in machining of ceramics, ferrites, quartz, and machine shops other hard materials. Capabilities include grinding, drilling, machine shops milling, and slicing of products with complex geometries.
  • Currie & Warner - Manufactures custom machined precision turned parts in brass and copper-based non-ferrous machining alloys according to customer drawings and designs.
  • Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Company - Manufactures industrial and technical ceramics. Composition include steatite and corderite casting, molding, machining formed by extruding, pressing and machining.
  • P-Ker Engineering - Features the machining of technical ceramics, metallizing, glazing, brazing, ceramic-metal non-ferrous machining assemblies, ceramic-metal and ceramic-glass seals.
  • CBR Industries - A CNC job shop specializes in machining nonferrous casting, molding, machining non-ferrous machining components for the electronic and frequency control industries.
  • Techfore Turned Parts first class turned parts manufacturer - Specializing in high precision turned parts for machine shops Automotive, non-ferrous machining Medical, Defence and most other industries using machine shops non-ferrous, ferrous non-ferrous machining and other exotic materials utilising the machine shops latest CNC machinery.
  • Electro-Tech Machining - Graphite machine shop in the United States. Located non-ferrous machining in California.
  • Fultz Manufacturing Inc. - Specializes in production of parts and products die cut from hardboard, plywood, plastic, foam, masonite, flake board, and similar non-ferrous materials. List of sample end products.
  • Insaco Inc. - Specializes in machining of ultra-hard materials such as sapphire, ceramics, non-ferrous machining quartz, and glass for optics, substrate, microwave, and instrumentation industries. non-ferrous machining Site provides detailed information regarding experience and capabilities.
  • Nagy Precision Manufacturing - CNC machining and precision manufacturing at a machine casting, molding, machining shop in Northern California.
  • Engineered Plastic Products - Plastics machining solution for precision custom plastic parts casting, molding, machining casting, molding, machining out of sheet, rod and tube.
  • Laser Job Shop - Scribe, drill, mark, and cut thin metals and machine shops ceramics; non-ferrous machining plus pattern ITO, trim resistors, and machine shops process plastics, non-ferrous machining silicon, diamond, and graphite.

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