Electroforming Plating and Metal Finishing Casting, Molding, Machining Industrial Goods and Services

Specializes in electro-deposition of metals and alloys. Applications range from aerospace to variety of industrial requirements. Also offers consultation services, equipment supply, and training in electroforming technology.

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  • NiCoForm, Inc. - Electroforms catheter tip-forming dies, optical and nanofluidic mold inserts, bellows electroforming and cold shields in a proprietary high-strength nickel-cobalt alloy, Nicoloy. electroforming Mold component repair through heavy Nicoloy plating, technology development and electroforming licensing s
  • A. J. Tuck Company - Copper and nickel electroforms for waveguides and other specialized applications
  • Electroformed Nickel Inc. - Specializes in electro-deposition of metals and alloys. Applications electroforming range from plating and metal finishing aerospace to variety of industrial requirements. electroforming Also offers consultation plating and metal finishing services, equipment supply, and electroforming training in electroforming technology.
  • Stork Veco - Manufacturer of 2-dimensional, metal precision parts. Electroforming, laser casting, molding, machining cutting, photo etching and chemical milling.
  • American Galvano - Specializes in electroforming, heavy deposition, and thin film electroforming coating services, including production for the optical component electroforming industry. Site incorporates detailed technical, product, and application electroforming information.
  • Bowers Molds Inc. - Custom electroformed industrial molds

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