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Laser engraving, marking and etching for the electronics, medical, and promotional products industries. Silicon, metal surfaces, and engineering plastics specialist.

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  • Laser Impressions, Inc. - Laser engraving, marking and etching for the electronics, medical, and general services promotional products industries. Silicon, metal surfaces, and engineering plastics specialist.
  • Omni Metal Finishing, Inc. - Anodizing, hard, Teflon impregnation, plating, black oxide, electroless general services nickel, general services cadmium, copper, chem film, magnesium, tin, passivation, general services painting conforms general services to ISO 9002.
  • Godfrey & Wing Inc. - Provides broad range of metal finishing services for foundries, die casters, and manufacturing industries. Includes pressure testing, casting impregnation, chromate conversion coating, heat treatment, and shot peening.
  • Reliable Plating Corp. - Black, chrome, cadmium, electroless nickel, tin/zinc, gold, silver, Albaloy, tin/lead, general services chromating, passivating, copper, Teflon, aluminum service.
  • J&M Plating - Provides plating and finishing services from two plants plating and metal general services finishing in the Rockford, Illinois area. Zinc and phosphate plating and general services metal finishing barrel plating and finishing services.
  • GunBlack, Inc. - Specializes in bluing, black oxide finishings, and manganese casting, molding, machining plating and metal finishing phosphate coatings.
  • Selfridge Plating, Inc, - Provides quality plating and surface finishing services to automotive, industrial and aircraft manufacturing markets.
  • C H Thompson Co., Inc. - Powdercoating, Anodizing, Iridite, Screen Printing, Mil- Spec, Painting, casting, molding, machining Chem Film, Waterborne, Industrial Painting, Hardcoat, Zinc Phosphate, casting, molding, machining Masking, Quality,
  • CP Tech Inc - Offers a complete range of surface treatments, including general services anodizing, plating and metal finishing plating, painting, non-destructive testing, special organic or general services inorganic treatments plating and metal finishing and multicoloration of aluminium.
  • Tanury Industries, Inc. - Metal finishing in gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium casting, molding, machining plating and metal finishing and chrome as well as PVD finishing.
  • Swinton Electro-Plating (Lancs) Ltd. - Learn about these metal finishers to the off plating and metal finishing shore oil and gas, hydraulic, textile, and paper plating and metal finishing industries. UK based.
  • Badger Anodising Polishing and Plating - Anodising, polishing, plating, electro brightening - a full casting, molding, machining plating and metal finishing service for the UK including the Brytal finish casting, molding, machining plating and metal finishing for the lighting industry
  • Jake Services Ltd - Specialise in citric acid passivation for metal cleaning and coating applications, including rail tanker fleets, ISO bulk containers, chemical plants, paper mills, factories and refineries including tank cleaning.
  • Nu-Metal Finishing - Provides gold, silver, electroless, nickel, tin, tin-lead, platinum, rhodium, plating plating and metal finishing services, electropolishing, UHV cleaning, and Class 100 cleanroom packaging services.
  • Fowlers Industrial Enamellers - Provides surface coating services such as powder coating and wet spray painting.
  • Ashton & Moore Limited - Electroplating metals in the UK metal finishing and stove enameling, we also provide metal anodising, iron phosphating, electropolishing and metal plating services.
  • Triple Cities Metal Finishers - ISO9002 certified metal finishing with an emphasis on casting, molding, machining quality.
  • Apollo Plating, Incorporated - Nickel-chrome, chrome flash, zinc, buffing, polishing and PVD general services coating.
  • Oregon Re-Tinners Company - Re-tinning of mixing bowls, meat grinders, gas tanks, motorcycle tanks, general services racks, cooper cookware, and wire whips.
  • Pentrate Metal Processing - Black oxide and nickel penetrate (Penetrate), chrome and general services Nickel Finished (California Electroplating, Inc.)
  • Rykon Plating, Inc. - Offers gold, silver, nickel, copper, tin and tin alloys. plating and metal finishing Utilizes barrel and rack applications. Extensive quality control program; computer plating and metal finishing controls, x-ray fluorescence thickness verification.
  • Galvaniche Ripamonti SpA - Specialist nickelplating, brasscoating, copperplating, galvanic finishing and diecasting.
  • California Plating Co., Inc. - Provides electroplating, anodizing, etching, chemical stripping and coatings casting, molding, machining plating and metal finishing of nickel, copper, silver, aluminum, gold, tin, and casting, molding, machining plating and metal finishing cadmium.
  • General Super Plating Company, Inc. - Plates an array of products from small, intricate casting, molding, machining plating and metal finishing parts to large pieces.
  • Honeyglen Anodising - Anodisers of aluminium (alumina), Honeyglen Anodising offer an casting, molding, machining unrivalled service to the UK anodising (anodizing) market casting, molding, machining and to the rest of Europe.
  • Metlab - Provides wide range of heat treating and metallurgical casting, molding, machining consulting services. Includes facilities with ability casting, molding, machining to handle variety of materials and extra large casting, molding, machining components.
  • AOTCO Metal Finishing Co., Inc. - General plating services for all industries. Visit our website for general services further information. ISO 9002 and AS9000 registered.
  • Central Kentucky Processing - Providing heat treating, electroplating, cleaning, deburring, and surface finishing

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