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Specializes in anodizing additives and seals, as well as specialty chemicals for cleaning, brightening, and preventing tarnish on copper, brass, bronze, and other nonferrous metals.

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  • Schaffner Manufacturing, Inc. - Industrial manufacturer of buffing compounds and buffing wheels casting, molding, machining supplies for metal finishers. Also offers abrasive belts, casting, molding, machining supplies and other buffing equipment for metal finishing.
  • AXOLOTL - Australia. Offers licensed supply of metal coatings for supplies nonmetallic substrates. plating and metal finishing Applications include interior and exterior architectural supplies surfaces, furniture, and sculptures. plating and metal finishing Site provides contact details supplies and photo gallery of examples.
  • Regal Industrial Abrasives - Furnishes metal and wood finishing and plating supplies and equipment plating and metal finishing to industry for over 22 years.
  • R K Fabrication - Manufactures range of surface preparation and plating equipment, supplies tanks, fume scrubbers, and fibre reinforced plastic ducts supplies and fittings. Customer base includes electroplating, chemical, supplies and waste treatment industries.
  • Innoplate International B.V. - Plating system design company located in the Netherlands. casting, molding, machining Engineering, manufacturing, installation, start-up, training.
  • G. J. Nikolas & Co., Inc. - Manufactures quality conventional and EPA compliant coatings for brass, bronze, silver, copper, aluminum, other decorative metals.
  • Dacromet - Supplies corrosion protection products, proprietary, water-based corrosion resistant casting, molding, machining supplies coatings, sealers and topcoats are an alternative to casting, molding, machining supplies metal finishes.
  • Divine Brothers Company - Distributor of industrial finishing supplies. Buffing wheels, polishing wheels, full supplies disc buffs, non-woven buffs, polishing and buffing compounds, abrasives.
  • Spray Tech Engineering LCC - Offers specially developed arc spray gun capable of applying protective or replacement coatings to carbon steel, cast iron, and aluminum surface areas and worn or damaged parts. Site explains process and potential applications.
  • Mosher Co. - Manufacturer of finishing, buffing, polishing and lapping products plating and metal finishing known as "MOCO" compounds.
  • Etch Mark Ltd. - Specialist suppliers of equipment and consumables for the electrolytic marking of metal components. UK Based.
  • Systematics, Inc. - Offers chemical management programs, electroplating instruments, controls, meters, casting, molding, machining casting, molding, machining feeders, and alarms for the plating industry.
  • Metallic Finishes & Coatings - Manufacture patina solutions for copper, brass and bronze, metal finishing plating and metal finishing solutions such as copper plate and gun metal blue for plating and metal finishing both cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel, and faux plating and metal finishing finish metallic coatings that tarnish naturally and will also patina.
  • Associated Rack Corporation - The Nation largest plating and coating company.
  • Triple-S Chemical Products Inc. - Offers range of coatings and plating chemicals for metal plating and metal finishing industry. Includes decorative and antique finishes, as well as cleaning, plating and metal finishing brightening, and anodizing agents. Site provides detailed product information.
  • Corrotherm UK - Distributor of heat and corrosion resistant materials from the UK.
  • Caswell Inc. - Selling electroplating kits and supplies, and metal polishing supplies equipment.
  • Electrochemical Products Inc. - Manufactures chemicals for the metal plating and finishing industries including plating and metal finishing electroplating, metal blackening, and antiquating chemicals as well as corrosion plating and metal finishing inhibitors, cleaners, and surface preparations.
  • Yefong Electric Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of electroplating equipment, cylinder making equipment, aluminum and stainless casting, molding, machining anodizing equipment.
  • Stone Chemical Company - Specializes in anodizing additives and seals, as well supplies as specialty supplies chemicals for cleaning, brightening, and preventing supplies tarnish on copper, brass, supplies bronze, and other nonferrous supplies metals.
  • Bayland Products - Sells metal finishing supplies, buffing compound and buffing casting, molding, machining plating and metal finishing wheels.
  • Cohler Enterprises, Inc. - Manufactures rhodium, gold, silver plating solutions for the supplies jewelry, optical casting, molding, machining industries.
  • Corro Therm Inc. - Manufactures and distributes variety of fillers, primers, and specialty coatings for broad range of applications. Also offers contract coating services. Site provides details of available products and capabilities.

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