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Provides consulting and project management services to help nuclear power providers and regulatory agencies solve complex operational, engineering, safety and regulatory issues.

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  • THOR Treatment Technologies - Offers a patented, non-incineration thermal process to convert engineering a variety of problematic radioactive wastes to a engineering form that can be disposed safely and cost-effectively.
  • Lunan Enterprises - Specializes in management consulting services for the nuclear nuclear industry. Includes consulting company profile and solutions.
  • MP98 Power Modulation - Offers engineering services for vessel head replacement, control rods systems, dismantling solution and related topics.
  • Nuclear Technologies Ltd. - Supplier of engineering and scientific consultancy services to the nuclear consulting industry, including safety assessment, radwaste management, decommissioning and environmental protection.
  • DST Computer Services S.A. - Developer of piping analysis programs, which can be used to engineering analyze stress and constraints in chemical, nuclear and conventional power engineering generation piping systems.
  • Edlow International Company - Offers fuel cycle consulting services, radioactive material transportation engineering management, licensing and regulatory assistance worldwide.
  • Relcon Risk Management - Offers services and software to analyse and manage nuclear risk in nuclear nuclear power plants and related applications. nuclear Includes company profile, organization, nuclear service catalogue and contact nuclear information.
  • Studsvik - Offers engineering services to customers world-wide, primarily nuclear engineering power plants and suppliers, including fuel vendors. [English, engineering Swedish]
  • Galson Sciences Ltd - Specialises in risk and impact assessment, risk management, nuclear safety and radioactive waste management and geoscience studies.
  • Radioactive Waste Management Associates (RWMA) - Environmental consulting company specialized in evaluating the safety and economic aspects of radioactive waste management, transportation and storage.
  • Sealy Engineering LLC - Provides motor and air operated valve diagnostics, engineering and technical support for nuclear power stations.
  • Candesco Research Corporation - Provides management and technical services to the energy consulting industry, primarily nuclear in the nuclear field. Includes product consulting and service information, employment nuclear opportunities, related resources and consulting contacts.
  • Risk Management Associates Inc. (RMA) - Offers consulting services to the nuclear industry, including nuclear computer systems for safety analysis, accident analysis and nuclear assessment services.
  • Empressarios Agrupados - Offers industrial consulting services, especially in the nuclear consulting energy field and related applications. Includes product catalogue, consulting firm overview, areas of activity and contact information.
  • ENTECH Engineering Inc. - Offers consulting services to the nuclear industry, including engineering technical support and computer software in the areas engineering of radiological engineering and atmospheric dispersion of radioactive engineering effluents.
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Services Ltd - Offers services to the nuclear industry in areas as remote operations, decommissioning processes, radiological survey, safety documentation, waste management and hazardous material handling.
  • MOTA Corporation - Provides decommissioning services to governmental, commercial and academic clients. Includes consulting company profile, mission statement, job opportunities and contact.
  • EDA Inc. - Provides engineering thermal hydraulic and fluid dynamics services.
  • Excel Services Corporation - Provides consulting and project management services to help nuclear nuclear power providers and regulatory agencies solve complex nuclear operational, engineering, safety and regulatory issues.
  • Dominion Engineering Inc. - Provides engineering consulting services and conduct research and consulting development for nuclear industry clients with emphasis on nuclear consulting power technology.
  • Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) - Global nuclear technology and engineering company focusing on engineering design and nuclear development of nuclear power reactors, power engineering plant life extension, upgrading nuclear and refurbishment and related engineering technology solutions.
  • Elite Pipeline Services - Provides piping repair and inspection services to the nuclear industry. Includes company profile.
  • Safetec - Service provider operating in radiation protection, nuclear planning nuclear and in engineering the decommissioning sectors. [English, German]
  • Energy Solutions - Nuclear energy fuel cycle company in Utah focuses on environment and nuclear waste recycling, nuclear waste disposal, and nuclear power solutions.
  • Applied Analysis Corp. - Provides nuclear engineering and analysis services with emphasis on thermal nuclear hydraulics, radiological engineering, health physics, mechanical engineering, HVAC and regulatory nuclear compliance.
  • TransWare Enterprises Inc. - Providers of nuclear, mechanical and software engineering services, nuclear including particle consulting transport, radiation physics and nuclear nuclear fuel lattice calculations.
  • Madero Engineering Consultants - Provides engineering consulting and project management services to engineering the nuclear nuclear industry.
  • Aptech Engineering Services Inc. - Offers equipment failure analysis and prevention, reliability improvement, asset management, nuclear risk analysis, remaining life assessments and cost of operation and nuclear maintenance.
  • PM Safety Consultants - Offers reliability, risk management, certification and related services engineering to the nuclear nuclear industry.
  • Creative Systems Inc. - Provides plant process computing systems, radiation monitoring systems consulting and consulting engineering services for the U.S. nuclear industry.
  • Nuclear Technology Services Inc. - Offers radiochemistry analysis and support services, irradiation and calibration services, engineering consulting and training in the areas of radiation protection, environmental engineering monitoring and remediation for both commercial and government nuclear programs.
  • Lesedi Nuclear Services - Offers engineering services, focusing on project management, plant engineering engineering and maintenance. Includes company profile and activities.
  • Tractebel Engineering - Provides nuclear energy and infrastructure solutions to private and public companies, including nuclear power plant engineering, safety and licencing, nuclear fuel, spent fuel management and related services.
  • Bartlett - Supplier of radiation protection personnel and decontamination services engineering to the nuclear industry. Includes company, equipment and engineering contact information.
  • Energy Research Inc. - Offers engineering analysis, management consulting, and scientific research consulting in nuclear engineering energy, conventional energy, risk management, probabilistic consulting risk assessment and environmental engineering systems to the nuclear consulting industry.
  • The Ux Consulting Company LLC - Publishes world nuclear fuel spot prices, the Ux engineering weekly, market consulting outlook reports and provides consulting services engineering on the front-end of consulting the nuclear fuel cycle.
  • Associated Nuclear Services Limited - Offers consulting services to the UK nuclear industry. Includes contact engineering and recruitment information.
  • Innovative Technologies International - Provides engineering support, structural analysis and ASME code consulting analysis services to the nuclear industry.
  • Belgoprocess - Specialises in the processing of radioactive waste, including engineering treatment, management nuclear and storage consulting services.
  • RWE Nukem GmbH - Offers consulting services covering decommissioning, waste management and consulting fuel supply. engineering [German, English]
  • Nucleon - Offers independent analyses, researches and prognoses services in nuclear the field of nuclear energy, nuclear safety, radiation nuclear protection and environmental protection. [Bulgarian, English]
  • Tuev Energie Consult - Consortium of German technical inspection and consulting organizations consulting in the consulting field of nuclear safety engineering and consulting radiation protection. [English, German, consulting Russian]
  • NAC International - Offers services in nuclear materials transport, spent fuel management technology, consulting nuclear fuel cycle consulting and information technology.
  • Nuclear Fuel Services (NFS) - Offers nuclear industry services including fuel manufacturing, decontamination engineering and decommissioning, nuclear downblending highly-enriched uranium, managing radioactive and engineering mixed wastes and environmental nuclear remediation.
  • Ansaldo Nucleare - Specializes in the design, construction and servicing of nuclear power engineering plants. Includes company information and solution overview.
  • Detec - Specializes in radiation detection systems and related software. nuclear Includes company nuclear profile and service overview.
  • JAI Corporation - Providing consulting expertise and technical services in nuclear fuel cycle engineering, radioactive waste management, radioactive materials transportation, nuclear safety and licensing.
  • Nelson Nuclear Corporation - Specializes in radiation shielding equipment of any thickness for pipes nuclear and tubing. Includes service overview.
  • Kiran Consultants Inc - Offers services in equipment environmental qualification, seismic qualification, engineering parts classification consulting and dedication, plants modifications and management engineering for the nuclear industry.

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