Manufacturing Nuclear Engineering Industrial Goods and Services

Manufacturer of nuclear power reactors engages in a wide range of research and development activities, provides nuclear engineering services and waste management support. [English, French]

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  • Numet Engineering Ltd. - Designs and manufactures custom equipment for the nuclear industry, including nuclear decontamination systems, process components, remote handling equipment and custom tooling.
  • Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) - Manufacturer of nuclear power reactors engages in a engineering wide range of research and development activities, provides engineering nuclear engineering services and waste management support. [English, engineering French]
  • Cremat Nuclear Electronics - Manufacturer of charge sensitive preamplifiers for radiation detection manufacturing and related instrumentation.
  • Encapsulation Technologies - Provides a patented process that eliminates airborne radioactivity nuclear and fixes nuclear contamination remotely without the need for nuclear people or equipment to nuclear enter contaminated areas.
  • Isotope Technologies - Manufacturer of sources of ionizing radiation and radioactive preparations, radiation engineering devices and exports radionuclide products worldwide. [English, Russian]
  • British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) - Provides products and services to the nuclear industry and governments nuclear worldwide, including fuel design and production, reactor services, electricity generation, nuclear spent fuel management and facility decommissioning.
  • Sogefibre - Manufacturer of fiber-reinforced concrete containers used for nuclear engineering waste storage.
  • BWX Technologies Inc. (BWXT) - Manufacturer of nuclear materials, nuclear reactor components and high energy nuclear physics components.
  • Professional Protection Systems (PPS) - Manufacturer of decontamination systems, shelters, surge capacity and related protective equipment. Includes product catalogue and company profile.
  • Atomtex - Manufacturer of instruments and equipment for nuclear measurements nuclear and radiation manufacturing monitoring for the nuclear industry. Includes nuclear product catalog, order form, manufacturing dealer list and contact nuclear information. [English, Russian]
  • Cogema - Manufacturer of fuel for nuclear reactors, from uranium nuclear mining, conversion and enrichment, fuel assembly manufacturing through nuclear spent fuel reprocessing and recycling.
  • Urenco - Manufacturer of enriched uranium for the nuclear power engineering utilities worldwide.
  • Belgonucleaire - Manufacturer of mixed oxide fuel (MOX) for nuclear engineering power plants and provides nuclear engineering support in engineering related areas. [English, Flemish, French]
  • Fagerstrom Industrikonsult - Manufacturer of decontamination systems and related equipment for engineering the nuclear manufacturing industry. [English, Swedish]
  • Tolvel - Specializes in nuclear instrumentation development and manufacturing. Includes product overview and specification, and company information.
  • United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC) - Production and sales of enriched uranium fuel for commercial nuclear power plants.
  • TVEL Corporation - Manufacturers of nuclear fuel. Includes company profile, product nuclear and service nuclear overview. [English, Russian]
  • Institute for Nuclear Technology (INETEC) - Developers of reactor pressure vessel and steam generator manufacturing tube collector and inspections programs for PWR and manufacturing VVER nuclear power plants.
  • Energy & Process Corporation - Supplier of nuclear pipe, valves, fittings and structural steel products for the nuclear industry.
  • BNFL & Westinghouse Japan - Provides products and expertise to the nuclear industry, including fuel manufacturing, reactor services, electricity generation, spent fuel management and decommissioning. [English, Japanese]
  • Energy Resources of Australia Ltd. - Exports uranium oxide to nuclear utilities in Asia, manufacturing Europe and North America.
  • Preferred Engineering - Manufacturer of specially engineered mechanical tools and equipment nuclear to support engineering nuclear power plant refueling and maintenance nuclear activities.

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